21 best shoulder bags for men with function and style (2023)

In the past, men were generally expected to carry a briefcase or backpack with them wherever they went. Try to bring a smaller bag than these two, unfortunately you carry the stigma of being seen as a lesser man. On the other hand, what if you really just need a small bag to carry a few items?

Stuffing them in pockets is out of the question as you want to avoid a bulky bag. Then what will a man do? Fast forward to 2021, nowadays you will see men wearing aShoulder bag for mennot only on the catwalk, but also on real streets.

Gone is the stigma every man tries to avoid. After all, everyone can combine recognized function and fashion. This handy bag really comes in handy when you just need itBring your wallet with you, phone and keys.

Leather shoulder bags for men

Currently, these types of bags are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. To learn more about this cool yet functional trend, we've rounded up the best leather crossbody bags for men for you.

1. Men's Retro Leather Crossbody Bag

Those who are used to leather know that this material develops a fine patina over time. As previously mentioned, a men's crossbody bag combines style and function. So when you choose the retro leather shoulder bag, you get a theft-proof wallet case, a durable case that's both scratch and fire resistant, and a wide front pocket that's handy for your headphones. With the understated elegance and practicality of this special bag, running errands at the weekend is a breeze.

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2. Casual leather shoulder bag

Brass Tacks Leathercraft is a handcrafted leather goods brand designed specifically for men with a distinctive vintage style. This is good for travel as it comes with a phone, wallet, passport, tablet and whatever items you want to keep handy.

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3. Rectangular leather shoulder bag

A crossbody bag for men with multiple pocket organizers is your perfect accessory no matter you go to school or office. Magnetic buckle design, easy-to-release, adjustable shoulder strap with leather and braid padding, which is comfortable and can relieve your shoulder. This vertical shoulder bag is timeless.

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4. Men's brown leather shoulder bag

Are you looking for an everyday shoulder bag for men with a spacious compartment? In that case, you can stop searching now because what you need is the brown leather crossbody bag for men. This special handcrafted cowhide leather bag is easy to care for and can instantly complement your modern style.

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5. Classic casual leather shoulder bag

Don't let the size fool you with this classic, casual leather crossbody bag. The proportions look modest, but this shoulder bag can keep you remarkably organized with its numerous pocket organizers. In addition, thanks to the robust cowhide leather exterior, you can be sure that your valuables are within reach and well protected.

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6. Black shoulder bag for men

Going out on a first date can be overwhelming at times, but you can easily resolve this by always being prepared. Having this men's black crossbody bag on your date means you can bring your wallet with card and cash, mints, keys and cell phone. More importantly, this elegant tote is a superb piece that can spice up your date night outfit.

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7. Genuine leather shoulder bag

Every now and then, a quick day trip outside of the city with your loved one is necessary to relieve work stress and enjoy quality time. With this in mind, combine your weekend with the genuine leather shoulder bag. Sturdy, functional and on-trend, this men's shoulder bag protects your essentials while still having incredible style.

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8. Smart trendy shoulder bag

Is there anything else to say about a carbon fiber crossbody bag for men? Apart from that, this handbag is waterproof, anti-theft, offers USB Fast Charging 3.0 transmission, light weight 0.46kg. It is comfortable to wear and shows your trendy personality.

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9. Breast pocket made of high quality leather

Another beautiful choice for your daily use, the premium leather chest crossbody bag can show off your personal style. Its classic structure is masculine and yet forward-looking. As you can see in the image below, it has an angled exterior pocket for easy access to your belongings. Definitely a must-have for a shoulder bag!

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10. Brown casual shoulder bag

An occasional visit to the mall doesn't require a duffel bag or anythingweekends behindas your day along. Why not bring the Brown Casual Crossbody Bag? With its adjustable strap, you can wear it in any direction you want, basically making your walk comfortable without sacrificing your personal style.

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11. Waterproof Traveler Shoulder Bag

A harrowing work week clearly calls for a quick breather. By the way, go to aday tripto your favorite place out of town will do just the right thing. Be sure to bring the waterproof Traveler Crossbody Bag, even if you encounter light rain your valuables will be safe along the way.

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12. Leather shoulder bag

A night out with friends painting the town red will sound more confident when you have the Leather Purse Crossbody Bag. With its adjustable straps, you can wear it over your shoulder or around your waist. You are well prepared for emergencies, because you have everything you need with you and still enjoy your evening.

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13. Genuine cowhide leather shoulder bag

Alternatively, the genuine cowhide leather shoulder bag is also an excellent option for a bag that you can use on a regular basis. With an anti-theft wallet pocket, sturdy inner lining, and impeccable hardware zipper, flaunting this offbeat men's crossbody bag will boost your solid sense of style.

14. Coated canvas and leather shoulder bag

When your workday involves constant travel, you'll absolutely appreciate the coated canvas and smooth leather crossbody bag. This material protects your belongings from the elements and gets a lot of compliments. Its fibers effectively seal elements and keep your valuables dry.

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15. Military inspired shoulder bag

Inspired by military gear. This casual crossbody tote bag is the perfect choice for world travel and everyday adventures. Access the main compartment through the side or top and stash your phone and other essentials in the convenient back pocket with a concealed snap button.

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16. Hunter leather crossbody bag

Whether you're just spending quiet time outdoors, there's no doubt that you can rely on this leather crossbody bag from Hunter. Its durable leather material ensures your belongings are secure while you enjoy your time with Mother Nature.

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17. Leather shoulder bag

Meanwhile, this shoulder bag goes well with your business casual oreveryday blazer or jacket. That means its simple, contemporary look will always look as good as you do. Apart from that, the main compartment may look narrow, but it can hold all your essentials perfectly.

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18. Chrome Citizen shoulder bag

Outdoor enthusiasts will love mixing and matching this military-inspired crossbody bagHer military haircut. Available in military green and six other colors, this Citizen bag is perfect for spending time outdoors, visiting the park or having a family picnic.

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19. Waterproof crossbody chest pocket

Last but not least, the Waterproof Chest Sling Crossbody Bag will make a great addition to your collection. Constructed from 100% genuine water-resistant, high-density Oxford fabric, you'll be sure to walk around with confidence while carrying this bag across your body.

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Men's Shoulder Bags Buyer's Guide

Check if the strap length is suitable for your height. Remember that a shoulder bag should fall on your waist or hips and not reach your thigh. If possible, look for a bag with adjustable straps. Similar whenYou are looking for a good shoulder bag, you want the same functionalities and possibilities. Otherwise, you can tie a knot to shorten your long straps, or buy an extra strap if what you have is too short.

Overall when choosing the right oneShoulder bag for menFor you, it must underline your outfit and fully characterize your personal style. With this bag, which comes in a variety of styles and shapes, you're sure to have plenty of options to choose from for your daily commutes and trips.

Frequently asked questions about men's crossbody bags

What do you call the pockets that go across your body?

The typical smaller pockets that go across the body are conveniently called:shoulder bags. They have recently been popularized again by men to keep their hands free when traveling and on the go. Not only do they allow you to use your phone freely, but they keep your belongings safe and close to your body.

What is the best shoulder bag for travel?

The most popular crossbody bags are leather ones due to their style and durability. From our research and testing,our top selection of leather shoulder bagsis also best suited for travel if it has enough compartments and a durable inner lining. Several (secret) compartments and well-closing fasteners are a must for on the go, and the leather makes them scratch-resistant and withstands everyday use.

What is the difference between a shoulder bag and a shoulder bag?

A shoulder bag goes all the way around the body with a strap that is wider than your regular sling bang. The shoulder bag goes diagonally, while the messenger bag has a small chain or leather straps that can be worn diagonally but also simply hang over the shoulder. The shoulder bag is more worn by women, while the shoulder bag is becoming more and more popular among men.

For the larger trips and weekend trips we recommend you take a look atour large selection of weekend bags for men, made of leather and high quality fabrics to keep your belongings safe and sound.

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