5 Best All-in-One Emulators for PC [Retro, Arcade, Nintendo] (2023)

There are some emulators that can run on low-end PCs as well

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5 Best All-in-One Emulators for PC [Retro, Arcade, Nintendo] (1)

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5 Best All-in-One Emulators for PC [Retro, Arcade, Nintendo] (2)

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  • If you are nostalgic and want to relive retro games, the best all-in-one emulators are here to help you.
  • The software on our list can play all console and pre-PC era games right on your computer.
  • Some require a controller, but all of the all-in-one emulators on our list are free.

5 Best All-in-One Emulators for PC [Retro, Arcade, Nintendo] (3)

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Here at WindowsReport, we've shared a ton of resources for Windows and other platform users to play old retro and newAndroid games on their computers.

To play Android games on PC, you can use one of the many Android emulators such asBlueStacks,Nox player, Memu Play, LD Player und Genymotion.

Likewise, we also shared some resourcesPlay your favorite Nintendo GameBoy and DS games on PCand iOS devices.

While these emulators are good and mostly do the core job, having to install a new emulator every time to emulate a new platform is not only a daunting task but also time-consuming.

That's where the all-in-one emulator for Windows comes in. All-in-one emulators are nothing more than multi-platform emulators that can emulate and run games from different platforms from a single source. Think of them as your Swiss Army knife for playing old retro games.

Now if you belong to the generation that played the old retro Mario andLegend of Zeldaon the GameBoy or DOS games like Alien Carnage on the PC, you're probably looking for a way to play those old retro games on your modern, powerful Windows machines as well.

As we mentioned before, you can play old retro games from multiple platforms with an all-in-one emulator.

Which emulator is best for low-end PCs?

You must know that running an emulator on your PC means the app will simulate another operating system running on your computer.

And this virtual machine uses the same resources as your computer including CPU and RAM, so your PC has to process both under the same oneRoof. However, we have a list ofbest emulators that can run on low-end PCs.

Is 2 GB of RAM enough for the emulator?

Yes, some of the emulators can run with at least 2GB of RAM. However, this is far from ideal if you want to run some complex games.

So today in this article we are taking a look at the best all-in-one emulators for Windows PC to play your favorite retro game that evokes pure nostalgia.

With all of that in mind, we have compiled the following list of the best all-in-one emulators for your computer:

  1. Bizhawk– Bester Retro-Emulator
  2. RetroArch– Bester Nintendo-Emulator
  3. Mednafen– Bester Sega-Emulator
  4. FinalBurn Alpha– Bester Arcade-Emulator
  5. LaunchBox- Great modern emulator

What is the best multi emulator?

Bizhawk– Bester Retro-Emulator

5 Best All-in-One Emulators for PC [Retro, Arcade, Nintendo] (4)

Bizhawk is the best all-in-one emulator with a retro theme created by developers at TASVideos. It is free to use and works on computers with Windows operating system.

The core functionality of Bizhawk is to provide users with accuracy and performance without making the work process complicated.

Bizhawk can emulate and run Neo Geo Pocket, Nintendo DS, Sega 32X, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Sega Master System, Virtual Boy, Uzebox, and ZX Spectrum ROMs on your Windows PC. You can check the full list of compatible ROMs on the official website.

Bizghawk supports full recording and Lua scripting. In addition, it has features like full screen support, controller and hotkey mapping support, gamepad support for game controls, and automatic rapid fire control feature.

Installing Bizhwak requires more than a few clicks on the "Next" and "Accept" buttons.

OthersKey Featurescontain:

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  • Support for basic reshoots and bulletproof shots
  • input display
  • self-reliance
  • RAM monitor and poke tools
  • Lua Scripting

You may need to move some files to install Bizhawk and run the game ROMs on it. Watch the YouTube video below for the installation process:

Get Bizhawk

RetroArch– Bester Nintendo-Emulator

5 Best All-in-One Emulators for PC [Retro, Arcade, Nintendo] (5)

RetroArch is a bit different than Bizhawk. It is a frontend for emulators, game engines and media players and allows you to play games from multiple platforms on your Windows computer.

As an all-in-one Nintendo emulator, RetroArch can run video game ROMs from Nintendo, Super Nintendo, NES, Nintendo 64, and more.

If you don't have a Windows PC, RetroArch is also compatible with Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, game consoles, and other devices.

The interface is super slick and you can browse the game collection from the menu. However, the emulator itself isn't the easiest to use.

Installing and setting up RetroArch requires some effort and time. But once you've done that, the emulator balances the effort by allowing you to play retro games from multiple platforms from a single framework.

The system is highly customizable and allows users to tweak most settings for the emulator and games.

RetroArch uses RertoCores to emulate games from other platforms. Some of the cores supported by the emulator include Dolphin for emulating Wii and GameCube ROMs, Citra for Nintendo 3DS, Redream for emulating Sega Dreamcast, Open Lara, a Tomb Rider game engine, melonDS, Gameboy and more.

OthersKey Featurescontain:

  • Gamepad support and mapping
  • Graphic Shader Filter
  • Achievement tabs
  • Netplay to host/join the online gaming community
  • Constantly growing library

Get Retroarch

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Mednafen– Bester Sega-Emulator

Mednafen is a multi-system emulator for Windows computers. It is a portable emulator that uses OpenGL and SDL to render games.

Expert tip:


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We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your computer and identify the error.
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Originally, Mednafen was introduced as a command-line, multi-system emulator; However, developers have created a GUI tool to make it easy to use for everyone.

While RetroArch and Bizhawk offer great support for retro handheld game emulation, Mednafen is preferable for those looking for a PlayStation 1 emulator along with support for Nintendo and SNES emulators.

(Video) 5 Best Emulators for Android 2023- FREE

Platforms supported by Mednafen include Apple 11/11+, PlayStation One, Sega Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, Super Nintendo, GameBoy Advanced Neo Geo Pocket, WonderSwam and more.

Similar to RetroArch, Mednafen does not offer a direct installer. You need to move some files and folders to make it work. But unlike RetroArch, Mednafen is much easier to install.

Support for ISO files and the ability to emulate TurboGrafx 16-CD / PC Engine CD makes Mednafen an excellent choice for playing CD games on your PC. For the frontend GUI you can use Mednaffe or MedGui.

OthersKey Featurescontain:

  • Ability to take screenshots
  • keyboard layout
  • Gamepad and keyboard control support
  • Record audiovisual movies

Get Mednafen

FinalBurn Alpha– Bester Arcade-Emulator

5 Best All-in-One Emulators for PC [Retro, Arcade, Nintendo] (7)

FB Alpha (commonly known as FinalBurn Alpha) is an open-source, multi-system emulator for Windows users.

The purpose of the emulator is to emulate the popular arcade game system, although now it offers more than just arcade game support.

The emulator supports all versions of Windows since Vista for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

Popular platforms supported by FB Alpha include Capcom CPS-1-3, Cave, Irem M62 and above, Konami, Kaneko 16, Neo-Geo, NMK16, Pacman-based hardware, PGM, Sega System 1 and 16 Toaplan 1-2 and more.

OthersKey Featurescontain:

  • Clear interface
  • Excellent performance
  • low resource
  • Simple settings

Get FinalBurn Alpha

LaunchBox- Great modern emulator

5 Best All-in-One Emulators for PC [Retro, Arcade, Nintendo] (8)

LunchBox is not an all-in-one emulator, but a frontend for emulation, DOSBox, arcade cabinets, portable game launcher and database.

It was originally released as an attractive frontend for DOSBox, but currently the software works with modern games and retro emulation.

It can display games from your PC and Steam and is compatible with a multi-platform emulator like RertoArch.

LaunchBox makes the front end look aesthetically pleasing by automatically downloading images and other information combined with its stunning user interface.

Adding ROMs to the LaunchBox is also not a difficult task. You can run any emulation simply by loading the executable and telling it to run the games through an emulator or DOSBox.

LaunchBox comes in two versions. The free version works flawlessly without affecting the gaming experience.

However, the premium version, BigBox, can give you more features like full screen support, custom fonts, color themes, additional filters, gamepad support and more.

LaunchBox developers have numerous resources that demonstrate how the software works on YouTube.

LaunchBox requires you to set up each emulator once, but also allows you to serve your library of games from one interface, regardless of platform.

OthersKey Featurescontain:

(Video) This 139$ Mini PC - That Plays All Retro Games in 2022 😲

  • Modern games and retro game emulation
  • Organizer of game collections
  • How-To-Video-Tutorials
  • Imports from Steam libraries

Get LaunchBox

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Bizhawk vs Retroarch

Although both are powerful emulators, note that Bizhawk is much more straightforward. It simply loads the core you want and plays your favorite games right there.

Retroarch is much more complicated and requires some knowledge and skills on your part.

This multi-emulator for PC has so many cores and options that you could easily get lost in the menus, but once you master it, the retro gaming world is yours.

All these all-in-one emulators for Windows 10 and 11 are free. We tried to recommend only the emulators that receive regular updates from the developers.

If you want to play all your favorite childhood games, these all-in-one emulators provide the support to run Nintendo GB Advance, Arcade, SNES and more emulators on PC.

You may also be interested in consulting our list ofBest Sega Dreamcast Emulators for PCand get more insights.

Have you tried any of these emulators before? Then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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