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Owner - chief of veterinary staff

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dr Schmitz was originally born in Oceanside, California, but came from a military family, so they moved quite a bit, including Japan and North Carolina to name a few. Eventually her family found their way to Columbus, OH to settle down and call home. dr Schmitz loved animals from an early age, be it pets, cuddly toys that she took care of, or ponies at parties. This led her to Ohio State University, where she received her bachelor's degree in animal science and then her doctorate in veterinary medicine. While pursuing her PhD at Ohio State University, she graduated in the top twenty-five percent of her class. In addition, she received honors in ophthalmology, anesthesia and group practice while receiving her DVM.

She began her career in private practice in Columbus, OH. She has always loved the sea and warmer weather, so in 2018 she decided to move south with her family. She led the team at Foxbank Veterinary Hospital in Charleston. She was named the top veterinarian in Berkeley County and led the hospital to recognition as the top veterinary hospital in Berkeley County. She loved getting to know the people, their fur babies, the community and the culture that Charleston has to offer. Most recently, she founded our sister hospital, Augusta Road Animal Hospital, here in Greenville.

She looks forward to continuing this high level of medical care and superior customer experiences in the Simpsonville/Five Forks area. Even though she's not from South Carolina, it touched her heart and she's happy to call it home now. In her free time, she spends time with her family, including her husband Josh (her high school sweetheart), their three daughters, and fur baby Clover (Bernese Mountain Dog mix). When she's not in the hospital or at home, you'll likely find her at her second home, Disney World. She can't wait to meet each of you and your cute furry family members. She will ensure they receive the highest level of care they deserve by not only being their vet but being part of the Five Forks family!


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dr Originally from Chicago, IL, Jones received her bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She worked as a nutritionist before studying veterinary medicine. Jessica attends Mississippi State University Veterinary School and will graduate in May 2023.

She has been very involved with the local transportation program, the Homeward Bound Project of Mississippi, to address the challenges of the southern pet population. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is the ability to encourage human-animal bonding by providing optimal care for furry family members and building relationships with their owners.

When she's not working, she loves all things outdoors, especially long-distance running. Jessica and her husband Justin have a beautiful daughter and two dogs who make their family full of love and adventure!


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dr Palmer was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She had a deep love for animals from a young age and always knew that she would end up in a career that would allow her to be close to them every day.

dr Palmer received her bachelor's degree in life sciences from Long Beach State University and completed her veterinary studies at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. During her time at university, she completed several internships in Carolina, which led to her decision to eventually call South Carolina home. After graduating from veterinary school in 2018, Dr. Palmer started her veterinary career in shelter medicine. During that time, she fell in love with the opportunity to speak up for those without a voice and will continue to make time to help animals in need.

In her free time, Dr. Palmer spends time with her husband, William, and their two dogs, Hank and Millie. She takes every opportunity to travel and hopes to visit as many countries as possible. She is excited for this next chapter in her vet career and very excited to become part of the Five Forks family.

hospital director

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Originally from Ohio, Josh began his career in business and education. He earned his MBA with a specialization in Human Resources and a Master's degree in Adult Education and Training. Before moving into the veterinary field, he worked on forming partnerships in the educational world for companies to enable their employees to return to school and earn their Masters and PhD degrees in Social Work and Nursing.

While in Ohio, he began working as a consultant for the hospital where his wife was a veterinarian. This eventually led him to join the practice full-time and manage the hospital for several years before moving south. During this time he found his true passion and calling in the veterinary field. Most recently, he managed four successful hospitals in the Charleston area, two of which received top honors as Best Veterinary Hospital in Berkeley County and Best Veterinary Hospital in Summerville. He is excited to offer Simpsonville's fur babies and their families the same high level of care and excellent customer experience.

The Schmitz family is looking forward to their new trip in Simpsonville. They enjoy spending time at home with their three girls and their Bernese Mountain Dog mix, Clover. In their free time, they enjoy hanging out by the pool, cheering on their college and pro football teams, and visiting their second home, Disney World.

They can't wait to welcome you and your fur babies to the Five Forks family!

practice manager

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Natalie had known from a young age that she wanted to work with animals, growing up in Wisconsin and participating in a 4-H club, training and exhibiting her dog at local shows and their county fair, and volunteering with her local humane society. Natalie's family had every pet from dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, chickens, and horses (and the occasional stray bunny or duck if she and her five younger siblings could convince their mother to keep them).

Natalie and her significant other KJ moved to Asheville from South West Florida 3 years ago. After discovering and falling in love with Greenville, they moved over a year ago. Together they love living in Greenville and exploring all the parks, dog-friendly restaurants and hangouts with their two adopted dogs, Ashe, a pit bull mix, and Nova, a Great Dane/Lab mix. They also love the transition from a career in real estate to veterinary.

Natalie knows the importance of excellent customer support; She intends to provide you with the highest level of care, service and knowledge as soon as you visit us or walk through our doors. She is committed to always learning something new and intends to become a veterinary technician to expand her knowledge. She looks forward to meeting and serving you and your furry loved ones.

Customer Service Coordinator

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Kathe joined Five Forks Animal Hospital in 2022 after years of working in customer service. Although her educational background was not in the veterinary field, she hopes to continue her education and become a licensed veterinary technician. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, meeting friends and family, and playing with her four-year-old golden retriever, Gus. Kathe looks forward to meeting you and your furry loved ones!

Leading Licensed Veterinary Technician

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Morgan arrived at Five Forks Animal Hospital in September 2022. She graduated from Tricounty Technical College in 2020 with a degree in Veterinary Engineering. She has been a Licensed Technician for two years but has been in the field for five years. She has always been a huge advocate for animals, working with local animal shelters, rescue organizations and veterinary clinics. Her few hobbies include hiking with her dogs, kayaking, gardening, and caring for her many aquatic animals. She has an axolotl named Luci and several fish. Two cats, Draco and Neville, and a goofy pit bull named Barley. Excited to meet all the fur babies and help out with all the medical treatments and cuddles!

Veterinary Technician

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Robbie arrived at Five Forks Animal Hospital in October 2022. She has been working in veterinary medicine since graduating from high school in 2016. Even before she could walk, Robbie had a special bond with all animals. She loves them all equally, from fur to feathers to scales. Robbie was the kid who brought home stray kittens, dogs or even snakes that she found playing outside. Robbie has two furry children, one named Tucker, a Chihuahua mix she rescued, and Wetzel, a German Shorthaired Pointer. She loves horseback riding, spending time at the lake in the summer and hanging out with friends and family! She looks forward to giving your pet the love and care it deserves and needs.

Veterinary assistant

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Abbey joined Five Forks Animal Hospital in November 2022, despite having been in the veterinary field since high school. Her strong background in preventative medicine has driven her to keep all of her patients healthy and informed. Abbey is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technology Program at Tri-County Technical College. She is interested in nutrition and physical rehabilitation and hopes to study these further after getting her license. She moved to Five Forks from New York in 2018 and has loved the upstate ever since. When Abbey isn't working or studying for school, she loves to cheer on the New York Yankees and spend time with her golden retriever, Mason. Abbey can't wait to meet all the new patients at Five Forks Animal Hospital!

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