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Abena is one of the most trustworthy budgetary names in the diaper industry for adults. However, there is alternatives? See the list of top alternatives to Abena Adult diapers.

Abena is a family manufacturer and wholesaler in family -owned. Babena has more than 2,000 employees and works in 90 markets worldwide.

Abena has its headquarters inAabenraa, Denmark, with a strong presence in 13 countries .Bena has its own production facilities in Denmark, Sweden and France and source products from all over the world. In product range of more than 36,000 products, it makes it a leading provider in user -oriented solutions.

Abena is aimed at all needs, health care and medical products to products for restaurants and hotels, cleaning and waste management solutions and much more.

Abena has a wide range of health and beauty, cleaning and hygiene, chemicals, construction and demolition, food service and restaurant.Products: Product range includes more than 36,000 products from over 90 markets worldwide. They range from baby diapers, incontinence products, cleaning, toilet paper to wound care and waste management.

But we only concentrate on adult diapers here. We first explore alternatives to Abena's adult diapers, let's take a look at what they offer.

Learn more about Abena.

Abena offers adult diapers in 3 categories

  1. Men
  2. Unisex
  3. Nova, intelligent diapers

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Abena Lord Production

Abena offers many unique offers for men in the diaper category.

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Abena Unisex products

The fit is so good to Abena that almost every other product is built in such a way that it corresponds to every body shape.Their body shape was made.

One of her flagship products is the Abena Flexi Fit, which is excellent for men and women of all forms.

Find out more about Abena Nova

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Bonus: Abena new

The future of incontinence supply. What some "intelligent diapers" call.The goal here is the better monitoring of the comfort and the reduction of waste, since you can easily determine whether the diaper corresponds to the capacity or not.

While other competitors may be working on such technologies, Abena is certainly one of the most important brands to bring this onto the market at an early stage. They are real innovators in this room.

Find out more about Abena Nova

See 6 top alternatives to Abena adult diapers

Divides into


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Without the company that invented the disposable diaper, no list is complete.Divides intoare real innovators and are right from the start.

Visit designs on the products, which are then produced by Atindas Hygiene Partners, a global brand.

Like the calm, participation in different product lines also transports. Premier accepts and visits discrete.

The Premier line is at the top of the line product. The design is spectacular and the absorption and comfort are unsurpassed. This is worth checking! The discrete line is slimmer and for mobile adults who want a lower presenceAbsorption level for this line is 3 of 6.



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PrevailIs definitely a strong contender. This is a company that is devoted to understanding the user base and treatment with empathy. They design some of the world's best incontinence products.

As in peace, the Prevail also produces adult diapers, pull -ups, under pads, personal care products and much more.
As a man or woman, it feels like you have built products for you. The overnight absorption of Prevail is a product that is a great alternative to the always famous ATN diaper from Tranquility.



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Cardinalgesundheitis a giant of a company, similar to McKesson. They were founded in 1971 and its headquarters in the United States.They serve the healthcare industry in a wealth of offers.

Cardinal health is so great that it has eaten with Medtronic for 6.1 billion dollars. It may be familiar with Covidia diapers for adults. Covidia has been made by Medtronic, which is now cardinal health.

This diaper business only benefited from a strong area in the area of healthcare.

With the investment and the brain in this company, the Cardinal Health is definitely a strong alternative to calm.



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QuietIs definitely a strong contender. The rest has been in family -owned for three generations and is now being operated.

As with the supplies, calm in the USA also produces adult diapers, pull -ups, under pads, body care products and more.

The calm is known for its ultra-high-high absorption, premium over night diapers. The rest is one of the most popular diapers for adults in the USA.You design adult diapers in a number of sizes.That is why it is so easy for almost everyone to find a diaper out of rest that fits very well.



Alternatives to Abena adult diapers 2022 - Gedadultdiapers (8)McKessonMake several products. E -growing diapers are just one of many products in their portfolio.

The McKesson Corporation is an American company that distributes pharmaceuticals and offers instruments for health technology, medical care and care management. The company provides a third of all pharmaceuticals used in North America and employs over 78,000 people.[2] McKesson had income of 238.2 billion US dollars in the financial year, which ended on March 31, 2021.

In view of the scope of McKesson operations, they are definitely an alternative value that is worth checking it.



Alternatives to Abena adult diapers 2022 - Gedadultdiapers (9)RealIt has been in business for over 50 years. They have not remained a well -known name for so long without making quality products.

TENA is one of the most respected names in the adult diaper business and they have deserved everything.

Tena is definitely a strong alternative to calm.

What are the different types of diapers for adults

With so many manufacturers and marketing tactics, the language can be very confusing. Early diapers are simply diapers that open them and wrap around the carrier and then fasten them with tabs, which is why some manufacturers and retailers notice themcall diapers for adults with tabs or even slips.

Adult pull -ups

These, on the other hand, are just like underwear and they carry them just like the name. They push them upwards. Patients and supervisors could have different needs and in some cases pull -ups can work better, and diapers with tabs could be preferred at other times.

After knowing the difference, take your situation into account and decide what works best for you.They usually dress.

Looking for the best diapers for adults? See the table comparison below or read our article that only checking the reviewBest of the best.

Compare the best diapers from adults side by side

diaperCost per diaperabsorbencyEvaluation in starsBuy now
Abena ABRI form Premium incontinence letter$ 0,75 - $ 1,10 $Up to 51 fl.Oz.4,5 (774)

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Defining bariatric letter with tab cards ultimate absorption

$ 1,00 - $ 3.38Difficult4,5 (391)

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Quiet -atn -einweg -Slips for adults$ 1,42Up to 34 fl.Oz.4 (284)

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TENA overnight super protection$ 1,08 - $ 1.50Super absorbent4,5 (745)

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McKesson Ultra Shorts$ 0,42 - $ 1,35 $14.5 fl.oz.4.3 (470)

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Takes part in Advanced Slips$ 0,47Difficult4,2 (1.789)

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Fitright Ultra Adult diapers$ 0,75Difficult4,4 (1.663)

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Seni Super Plus adult diapers with tabs$ 1,07Difficult4 (79)

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Pioneer overnight briefs$ 1,17Difficult4 (71)

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