Pull-out vs. pull-down faucets: differences for kitchens compared (2023)

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A quick internet search will reveal how many kitchen faucet designs there are - a wide range of aesthetic and functional features to suit every kitchen, home and budget. Of course it doesChoosing a kitchen faucetVery exciting at first, but eventually, when you really have to make a decision, it's tedious.

This guide will help you decide between pull-out and pull-down faucets. Here, you'll learn pertinent differences between the two and how one is trending more than the other at the moment.

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What is a pull out faucet?

Pull-out and pull-down faucets are two versions of the same basic idea: the nozzle is attached to a hose that can be manually pulled out to extend the faucet's reach. However, pull-outs work by allowing you to extend the nozzle up and out instead of down like pull-down faucets do.

Neither is inherently better than the other, but those with smaller/shallower sinks are generally better off with slides as they allow for upward maneuvering to avoid excessive splashing against the sink. Since they're also easier to pull up and sideways, it's probably a little easier to fill a container on the nearby counter with a pull-out.

As these are typically shorter faucets, pullouts offer smaller, more conventional kitchens the modern convenience of lengthening. Additionally, some people prefer the feel of grabbing the pull-out extension rather than maneuvering the pull-down nozzle.

  • Works with shorter faucets
  • Allows easy upward and sideways movements
  • Better for smaller sinks/sink areas
  • Traditional residential look
  • Easier to grab the extension

  • Harder to aim straight down
  • Bigger, chunkier extension
  • Not so glamorous (in popular belief)
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What is a pull down faucet?

Pull-down faucets work with a hose pulled through a bow/swan neck faucet. Pull-downs allow for large sink/faucet setups for any size job. The nozzle can be pulled down to reach something on the sink floor, or pulled up to accommodate larger containers and tasks.

Aiming the nozzle at a container on a nearby counter is possible, but may be more tedious than a pullout.

In general, pull-down faucets are taller and larger overall, and it's becoming increasingly trendy to have an industrial-looking faucet in one's kitchen.

However, there is a growing trend towards small residential pull-down faucets, many of which have a more relaxed arc shape: these give a clean, trendy look in a construction that is practical for most domestic kitchens.

Pull-out vs. pull-down faucets: differences for kitchens compared (1)

  • Spraying down and around the sink is easier
  • Enables small, gentle jobs in large sinks
  • Small, simple nozzle extension
  • Contributes to a state-of-the-art aesthetic
  • Great feature on a large gooseneck faucet
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  • Difficult to steer up and sideways
  • The extension provides less grip during use

Pull Out Vs Pull Down: Which Should I Buy?

style and design

Pull-out/down pull-out is ubiquitous in good kitchen sink models. Commercial faucets have become fashionable for domestic kitchens, but some are up to 2 feet tall and have the industrial-looking springs that hold the pull-down hose—not the best look for every kitchen. Apart from commercial models which can get expensive,pull-out and pull-down faucetsare similar in price.

Faucet height is arguably the biggest difference between pull-down and pull-out kitchen faucets: do you have enough room to let your faucet protrude a foot or more over the counter? Would this look fun in your space? Would it get in the way? Fortunately, however, there are more and more residential folding models with shorter, more gently sloping arches.

user friendliness

Many users find that swiveling the faucet is helpful, and luckily many models, both pull-out and pull-down, swivel - 360° in most cases.

More specifically, to choose between a pull-out and pull-down faucet, consider how you would ideally like to use your faucet and sink: Would it help to be able to fill containers on the counter next to the sink? If so, an excerpt might work better for you.

Want to fill tall or tall containers sitting in the sink? Do you primarily strive to clean fruits and vegetables and/or wash dishes with the tap? If so, a pulldown will likely make you happier.

Faucet Wand

Because extendable faucet wands are essentially the entire front extension of the detaching faucet, there's more to get your hands on. In contrast, pull-down faucets have little or no wand to hold on to — you're really just gripping or toggling the nozzle itself.

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Hose retraction, size and locking method

When comparing pull-out vs. pull-down faucet, performance and mechanisms in these areas are generally similar - it just depends on the make or model.

Likewise, hose length is independent of price or design: surprisingly, there are modest household models with a whopping 70-inch hose length, while most commercial and residential faucets have an 18- to 24-inch extension.

If you're suspicious of the retracting and locking mechanisms advertised by the various brands, consider a design with a separate pull-out extension sprayer next to the main faucet (reminiscent of a soap or hot water dispenser).

spray type

Traditionally, pulldowns are more compatible with relatively large/deep sinks since the faucet is usually larger and the nozzle is taller; However, there are a growing number of residential pulldowns that are reasonably sized, and many brands claim to have spill-proof sprays.

Also helpful: pull-out faucets tend to have more jet types than pull-out faucets. Some even have a gentle mode that smoothes out spatter, while others have high-pressure modes as well. This is in addition to the simpler jet, spray, and pause modes that many pull-out faucets have. (Most of the extracts only have spray and shower.)

Touchless functions

Touchless functionsare increasingly found in domestic kitchen faucets, even in very affordable models. Additionally, some standard models have this as an optional add-on feature, so you don't have to give up manual control just because you're working non-contact.

Installing or Replacing a Kitchen Faucet (The Easy Way)

  1. 1

    If yourReplace faucetrequires fewer holes in the bracket (as many modern kitchen faucets do), simply use a suitable mounting plate (usually included) to cover the holes. If you need more holes, perhaps to get a retro look, or to add a soap dispenser or a separate pull-out extension, then the replacement can get more complicated.
  2. 2

    While faucets are becoming more and moreeasy to install, you still need basic tools on hand, especially if you're replacing an old faucet — especially a basin wrench.
  3. 3

    Whether replacing, repairing or installing: Before starting work, shut off the water supply and clean the area.
  4. 4

    Make a note of your water supply connections before you disconnect them so you know how to reattach things.
  5. 5

    Follow all provided installation instructions.

People also ask (FAQs)

Do touchless faucets need electricity?

Yes, but most touchless faucets are powered by a battery pack of 4 or 6 AA batteries;However, some work with optional/Backup AC connections.

Can you attach a water filter to a pull-down or pull-out faucet?

Practically no: even if the hose retraction mechanism can handle the extra weight, a filter would add bulk to the extension wand, making the pull/pull functions more awkward to use.

Is there a way to fix a pull-out or pull-down faucet where the hose retractor has become slack?

Often the counterweight that allows the hose to be retracted will slip out of position over time and you just have to reattach it as shown in the video below:

Can you hook up a portable dishwasher to a pull-out faucet?

Generally yes. The biggest problem is that in some cases the hose cannot handle the water pressure build-up. Also, sometimes it is complicated or impossible to get the dishwasher faucet adapter to work with a specific faucet head; However, this is more of a problem with pull-down faucets.

What would cause a faucet to turn on by itself?

The seller usually has troubleshooting steps for touchless faucets that turn on randomly; often it is so easy to remove dirt from the sensor. Alternatively, very old faucets can sometimes slip open on their own as their on/off mechanisms wear out. (This probably spawned some ghost stories.)

Why is my faucet dripping after I turn it off?

This indicates worn or faulty parts - often a lousy cartridge - but it can also be wear on the washers that stabilize the mechanism. There can also be leaks in the extension hose of a pull-out or pull-down faucet.

Which is better, Moen or Pfister?

Both are very established companies offering an extensive range of affordable faucets and fittings. Both have kept up with modern expectations like non-contact sensors and features for easy do-it-yourself installation. However, most people would probably sayMoen tapsare a little higher quality and look a little better thanPfister fittings.

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For people who are serious about working in the kitchen, a pull-down or pull-out faucet is the right choice. However, if you are at a loss as to whether to move out or move out, first think about the size, structure, and aesthetics of your kitchen, and then consider which of the two (move out or move out) you think would be more convenient for you to go to use.


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