Staten Island Memories (2023)

5 Drive to South Beach to see the fireworks

6 WT Grant's department store in New Dorp

7 In Jeans, the five-dollar denim store on Forest Avenue

8 I'm going to Port Richmond to get school uniforms

9 drag races on the soon-to-be Richmond Parkway

10 The Dump - (was it really seen from space)

11 The Paramount Theater on Bay St., Stapleton - later converted into a disco club

12 The Old Sears auf der Forest Ave.

13 parchments (New Dorp and Mall)

14 The Choir Loft (Bay Street)

15 Redemption of green stamps on Forest Ave.

16 Louies Superette in South Beach

17 Summer "Camp" at PS 39

18 The Rustic Inn - Hylan Blvd - Dongan Hills

19 Go to the rides in South Beach for a nickel and a cap

20 Wiegand's Bowling Alley. It has been said to be the first bowling alley on Staten Island. It was on Clove Road in Concord

21 Feste in St. Michael's an der Harbor Road, Mariners Harbor

22 minstrel shows at P.S. 44

23 Yellow La Rue dry cleaning home delivery truck

24 The Miller Field crash site of the TWA Constellation. (1960s)

25 Shore Acres Teich

26 The Caves at Monte Manresa

27 Sleigh Ride at McGiness Mansion on Belair Rd

28 Bakery Holtermann Home delivery

29 Sterner and LeBlanc electronics store near Jewett. If you needed a TV, go there.

30 saves. They used to have Memorial Day and July 4th right on Castleton Avenue

31 Zinicola's Peperoni Italian bread - only on Sundays.

32 The ferry at Port Richmond Square to Bayonne

33 Proctor & Gamble sowie US Gypsum

34 Whitehouse Tavern und Coopers Bar in der Rossville Avenue

35 Baker's Pharmacy in Prince's Bay

36 Richmond Memorial Hospital

37 picking lead for sale to the garbage man. picking it off the back of the shooting range on Claypit Rd while people were shooting (love this one)

38 Ghost Town (St. George)

39 C&B on Castleton Ave

40 Snoopys in der Castleton Ave

41 Inn By The Wayside am Hylan Blvd

42 Vincent's Bakery (Ferry Port)

43 Wilfred Beauty Academy

44 Shubas in South Beach

45 Parken im Great Kills Park

46 Piccadilly Circus.

47 Master's Dept. Store on Hylan Blvd

48 Willowbrook (home for the mentally handicapped) (made Geraldo Rivera famous)

49 The Rainbow Roller Skating Rink on Quintard Rd. in South Beach. It was then "Skate Odyssey" and then "Motions Disco".

50 Westerleigh Park concerts

51 Scarlet's - South Beach - (Strip Joint)

52 3-Jays Bar in New Dorp, which later became Toto's.

53 Awesome Kills Point Beach Parties

54 Black Garter (Strip Joint)

55 Mission Soda Plant - Richmond Road - Match

56 The organ in the St. George Theatre

57 Das Autokino

58 The Caves (via Van Duzer)

59 Kingston's Store at the foot of Fox Beach Ave.

60 flagship store on Hylan Blvd. Grant City.

61 Stockcar races at Weissglass on Saturday night

62 Buda Bakers in der Richmond Road, Grant City

63 Reinhardt's Bar and Picnic Area

64 Rubes Taverne in Charleston

65 Green Lantern Bar and Grill - Stapleton

66 William Penn Bar - Rosebank

67 Marty's Candy Store in Pleasant Plains

68 Penny Beach

69 Vanderbilts Grab

70 Ralph's Ice Cream

71 Eggers Eisdiele

72 Bowling on the Green (just demolished 13 August 2004)

73 Woolworths (Port Richmond Avenue and Stapleton)

74 John's Bargain Store (Stapleton)

75 Tirellis Karussell ( South Beach )

76 Row Boating at Willowbrook Park

77 The Ritz Theater

78 Das Hylan-Kino

79 Bungalow Bar Ice Cream Truck

80 Bayonne Ferry

81 Going down Hylan Blvd when there were only 2 lights on the whole boulevard.

82 Faber-Pool

83 Sleigh Ride (Jack's Pond, Lockman Street, Todt Hill Golf Course)

84 Major's Dept. Store

leave 85 doors unlocked (many visitors said so)

86 Sky Slide on Forest Ave

87 Tottenville-Pool

88 Ice skating on Martins Pond

89 Swimming at Lyons Pool in Tompkinsville

90 Mount St. Carmel Feast at Castleton and Carnation

91 Severe bushfires in the early 1960s when more than 100 homes were destroyed (The 1963 fires.)

92 Seduced by them

93 Mom and Dad used to give me 10 cents to get into the Tompkinsville pool

94 Melody Ann's clothing store on Richmond Ave

95 The SI Airport where the Mall is now located

96 Pouch Terminal and Pouch Boy Scout Camp

97 Muskrat catch in Great Kills Park

98 Franzreb Stables at Clove Lakes

99 Linoleum Factory in Travis

100 Kirche Monte Loretto

101 Bayonne Ferry

102 Tottenville Ferry

103 The 69th ferry to Brooklyn

104 The St. George Theatre, the matron went around with her flashlight looking for kids making out.

105 Rolladium in New Dorp

106 Graham Beach Bungalowkolonie

107 million item store in Stapleton

108 Von-Briesens-Park

109 Godomski's Bakery

110 MacNamara's Picnics

111 Jerry Lewis Theater - Waldallee

112 Sites (Seitz's) Candy Store on the corner of Craig Avenue and Main Street in Tottenville

113 Drag Race @ South Ave.

114 Roller skating at the Ritz

115 Great Friday Night Beach Parties at Kills Point

There were 116 pheasants in abundance

117 Farmers Market in Mariners Harbor on Forest Avenue – Farmers Market became Majors department store

118 Madalone's Coliseum, a bowling alley on Richmond Ave & Richmond Terrace

119 Harmoniepark (Schenkel's Harmoniepark)

120 Baker's Pharmacy in Prince's Bay

121 Richmond Memorial Hospital

122 Vastolas Farm

123 Ekstrand Florist

124 YMCA

125 Clove Lake Place

126 Our Lady Queen of Peace

127 Racing Slotcars at the Family Hobby Center on New Dorp Lane.

128 The Farmers' Market on Richmond Avenue

129 Matinee im Ritz-Theater

130 Faber-Pool

131 Ice Skating on Pots & Pans

132 In the 1940s there were three dime stores along Port Richmond Avenue; Woolworth's, Kresge's and Fisher-Beer.

133 The office of the Draft Board at St. George.

134 Eggers

135 farms on Richmond Avenue

136 The airport.

137 The old pavilion in the conference building

138 Lane-Theater

139 Schweizer Chalet

140 Goldens Deli Richmond Avenue

141 Penn Fruit Supermarket

142 Joe's cab is next to the tracks. ~Eltingville~

143 The concerts at Silver Lake every Wednesday night

144 Old Linoleum Factory at the end of Victory Blvd in Travis

145 horse-drawn sleigh ride down a steep hill somewhere near Gordon St.

146 The "Honeycomb" in the lower part of the Mall

147 Luke & John's Deli on Victory Blvd

148 Sandgruben in Great Kills

149 Franks Candy Store - Mariners Harbor

150 The old new Dorp High School

151 cows near Monte Loretto

152 Cle's Apotheke (Midland Beach)

153 Pete Devito's Department Store (Midland Beach)

154 Millers Hardware Store (Midland Beach)

155 concerts at the Cromwell Center

156 Mi. Night Dances at Westerleigh Park,

157 Friday Night Dances at Fox Hills

158 Sledding and Ice Skating in the Clove Lakes

159 Christmas Locomotive (I've heard of one on New Dorp Lane and one on The Terrace)

160 Cusack's vegetable wagon

161 Robert Hall Clothing Store (Hylan Blvd)

162 deer running wild through the peach and apple orchids.

163 Alte Kaserne in Fort Wadsworth

164 St. George Kino

165 Rubinspuren

166 LaRosa's Pastry Shop on Olympia Blvd in South Beach, where Sadie kicked you out if you were late on Sundays (they closed at 1 or 2pm and opened again at 4pm). If you walked past the showcases, you were in her kitchen. They had the best pastries. I could smell it now.

167 Remember riding by carnation lakes,

168 Ice skating at Brady's Pond

169 Burger-Chef - Stapleton

170 "Schwartzies" store in Tompkinsville, where Burger King is now

171 roller skating at the Ritz,

172 Jerry-Lewis-Theater,

173 Plaza Casino will be demolished,

174 Joes Paramount Bar

175 Piels Brewery

176 Dom's Barber Shop and Shoe Repair - Bement und Forest Avenue

177 DeJong Bakery (later Myers Bakery)

178 Smiling Sunny's Toy Store (Forest Avenue)

179 Sacred Heart's Summer Bazaar

180 Mucci's Sporting Goods Shop

181 Remember the big fire truck that drove down North Railroad Avenue every Christmas morning with a fireman dressed as Santa Claus giving away little boxes of candy to any kids who ran out of the house to get them. They stopped by my block between 6 and 7 am every Christmas morning for years

182 Backofen Backshop

183 Rome's Flying A gas station in Dongan Hills around Cromwell Ave and Atlantic Ave.

184 Tassis's Tire Town, corner of Midland and Hylan

185 The Dog House in the Dongan Hills

186 Bohack in New Dorp

187 Safeway Supermarket Hylan and Old Town Road

188 There was a soda factory on the corner of Old Town Road and Hylan Blvd, where the bank now stands. I think it was Squirts

189 Francis Ford, Hylan Boulevard Dongan Hills

190 Marones Hardware, Norway Avenue

191 Das Café Clarette

192 Horrman's ( 2 R's) Castle on Howard Avenue was the home of one owner of the old Stapleton Brewery, Rubsam and Horrman. The site now houses apartments, it was on Osgood Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue.

193 Memoly Motors, a Dodge dealership on Richmond Terrace and Jewett Avenue.

194 Stuckey's Auto Salvage, Amboy Road

195 Wagner's, formerly a Chrysler dealership on Richmond Road near the Expressway.

(Video) The Most Memories on Staten Island

196 Dinger's farm, now Macy's and Circuit City.

197 Dave's Soda Shop in der Bay Street in Rosebank

198 Dot and Vic's Candy Store on Hylan Blvd. & Tompkins in Rosenbank

199 Joann's Candy Store on the corner of Evelyn Place and Bay St.

200 Sliding down a mound of earth on a cardboard box behind Labetti Post

201 playing football behind Labetti Post

202 swings on a tree rope behind Labetti Post

203 Smoky's Candy Shop on the fretboard

204 walking under all the clothes racks in the Robert Halls Clothing Store

205 Auer Bakery

206 Sleigh ride on boxes behind Labetti Post from Maryland Ave.

207 Visit to the museum at Fort Wadsworth

208 summer camps at the Rosebank playground in Damatti. Roller skates, tennis, and arts and crafts trucks would come.

209 The "Pelican Club" on Fingerboard Rd.

210 Smokey's Donut Shop on Fingerboard Rd. The donuts used to taste like cigarettes

211 St. Mary's School on Bay Street, when there were nuns for teachers and hot lunches. Sister Basil

212 Put baseball cards on our bike spokes to make clicking sounds.

213 Hanging out on Mount Manresa being chased away by the nuns

214 Softball spielen in der East Shore Little League.

215 The old P.S.13 about Anderson and Hylan

216 Richie's Ice Cream Parlor - Dongan Hills

217 The honeycomb in the SI Mall

218 The factory

219 Rocky Horror Mitternachtsshow

220 Sid's Candy Store on Forest Ave

221 Joe's Question Mark Richmond Avenue & Victory Blvd. - Italian-American restaurant

222 Johnny Maestro singing in the stairwell on the 8:10 ferry to NY

223 Drag Racing on Arden Ave.

224 new Dorp-Curtis Thanksgiving Football games

225 Semlars Park (now Grant City Apartments)

226 Professional Wrestling (Wiessglass Stadium)

227 ferry from Bayonne to Staten Island

228 Der Pavillon, Tottenville

229 Fitzgerald's Nightclub

230 The Italian Kitchen Hylan Blvd

231 The East Shore Community Center Fox Hills

232 Lucci's Bowling Alley, Grasmere

233 Eibs pond Moselle avenue.

234 Edna's Sweet Shop, at the end of Hyatt Street, on St. Mark's Place. After a movie at the St. George this was the place to be.

235 The Victory Theater was up the road and you could see 2 movies for 10 cents on Saturdays and sometimes there were gifts of crockery and glasses.

236 The two-way toll at the Verrazano Bridge sometimes just missed the loose change that the funnel for opening the car door had

237 The cobblestone streets on Snake Hill and Todt Hill Road

238 As kids we swam in Old Saw Mill Creek and off the old Manhattan barge down Travis Ave.

239 My father's best friend, Bill LaTourrette, lived in Mariner's Harbor with his wife. Behind his back yard was a tiny house, pretty run down even to my young eyes (maybe I was 8 or 9) owned by a Miss Butts who lived alone. She was very old and frail and I was afraid of her. One day Uncle Bill and I visited her and she fascinated me. She had a deep voice and gnarled hands from arthritis. Fear was replaced by a desire to get to know her. We talked many times. I loved her stories of Buffalo Bill coming to SI and settling on the property behind her. This little house had been her home and she had never left it. Tales of cowboys and Indians, Annie Oakley, buffalo and trick riders were music to my ears. It must have been wonderful there.

240 The fluoroscopy machine in Lobel's children's department. where you can x-ray your feet in sickly green and watch the bones move!

241 I believe the matron at the Capitol in the 1940's was Mrs. Snow. Starched white clothing and white hair.

242 Wednesday was plate night at the Ritz Theater on Richmond Ave. In the late 50's the three of us - my mother, my aunt and I and sometimes my cousin - would watch the evening movie and get a plate or whatever for my cousin's upcoming wedding. It was only 35 cents on Teller night.

243 An ice cream parlor that looked like an ice cave with penguins and polar bears (looked like an iceberg). Near South Beach. What was the name... the polar cave? (New Dorp? Maybe)

244 Sleigh ride up the hill in front of the Latourette Country Club just outside of historic Richmondtown.

245 cutting course and exploration of TB stations in Seaview

246 When Great Kills "Village" was actually a real village with a Chinese Laundry, Fish Market, Farrell's Hardware Store, Harry's Dept. Store, Trunz's Meat and last but not least Benedicts Grocery Store where the butcher cuts you a piece of cold cuts while your mother was shopping!

247 When the express bus to Manhattan cost a dollar

248 The original SIRT with wicker seats instead of plastic

249 Rickel's hardware store

250 Farrell's Ice Cream Shop in the Mall - remember "the zoo"??

251 Clarence the Milkman (Tottenville)

252 living under the boulevard. in Tottenville

253 Drive all the way down to the shore of the conference house before the barricade is erected

254 Frank's Bakery an der Ecke Amboy Road & Sleight Ave.

255 Shopping at the Port Richmond Center before the mall was built

256 The Century Inn (now Killmeyer's)

257 Rinky Dink Roller Rink on Main Street in Tottenville

258 Santa Claus is giving out toys on Innis Street by the Cichon Post in Elm Park.

259 George's Candy Store - Guyon Avenue near Oakwood Station

260 Pinky and Jack's Luncheonette on the corner of New Dorp Lane and Clawson Street

261 The pizza at 3 Jays

262 drag races in EJ Corvettes parking lot

263 I remember walking in Clove Park on Easter Sunday afternoon after church.

264 New Dorp Lane Paul's Sweet Shoppe for the black and white custards.

265 The Red Barrel Tavern, South Beach an der Ecke Sand Lane und Seaside Blvd.

266 Johns Bargain Store was not only in Stapleton, there was also 1 on Richmond Avenue near the railroad tracks.

267 Nathans on Hylan Blvd near Tysen's and the Grant's Shopping Center.

268 Next to Sears, Neisners was a five and a ten

269 ​​Cromwell Center in Tompkinsville

270 St. George Diner in der Bay Street

271 There were 3 locations for Pal Joey's Pizza, Oakland and Forest, Forest and Davis & Bement at Forest.

272 I remember going with my brother to pick blackberries and all the honeysuckles growing behind our house. My sister worked the candy counter at the Palace Theater, we always did our Christmas shopping on Richmond Avenue where the fairy lights hung across the street.

273 Let's not forget "Schaeffer's Tavern" on Victory Blvd. & Bradley Ave. Schaeffer's Tavern has been around since the 1930's and is still an excellent place to eat and drink.

274 James Thompson and Sons Lumber Co. and Thompson Stadium, where they hosted soccer games and midget car races. There is now a public school on Tompkins Ave in Stapleton.

275 Dorhety's Bar on New Dorp Lane

276 The Stumble Inn at Post Ave.

277 Coral Lanes Bowling Alley on Richmond Ave now the Coral Shopping Plaza

278 Victory Lanes Kegelbahn

279 Sunset Lanes on Richmond Ave. now the 122 percent substation

280 Piazza's Bakery

281 Tuckys

282 Miniature Golf Arthur Kill and Richmond

283 Blue Willow Inn

284 Like Pizza

285 "Old Dutchman's" Bar and Grill at the top of Clarke Ave

286 Sarcone's pony rides

287 Palermo

288 The town house

289 Aliseo's Market

290 Sams Taxi

291 Silvestri's gas station

292 Zillys Pontiac

293 center lanes

294 Rendezvous-Club

295 Log Cabin Inn

296 Ann's Sweet Shop opposite Central Lanes

297 Pop's Candy Store.

298 Backerei Vigliottis

299 Bakery Beddia Bros

300 ice skating at what is now Waldbaums on Richmond Ave.

301 Fats Pizza

302 Fanellis Farm

303 Lady of Pity Bazaar Lamberts Lane und Richmond Avenue

304 Schönheitsteich

305 Orchard Inn

306 Mardi Gras Club Great Kills

307 Meurot-Club

308 Casa Barone in St. Georg

309 Oak Room

310 Boulder Stadium vor Arlene

311 Sleigh ride down Lamberts Lane towards South Ave.

312 swimming in the creeks below South Ave.

313 Casino Plaza

314 Knotty Pine Gassen

315 Sunnyside Club

316 Finest Supermarket

317 Sally's ice cream truck

318 Red & Tan and Blue and Gray bus into town

319 Dew Dale record store on Castleton Ave. and Richmond Ave

320 PRHS completion walk from CYO to the Ritz

321 Decker Ave Christmas tree

322 riding at the Horse Shows in September at the Clove Lake Stables.

323 Waldtanzstudio

324 Lady of Good Counsel Dances

325 Palm Pizza on Castleton

326 Brighton Lounge on Brighton Avenue, near Goodhue Park

327 Crocittos

328 Columbian Lanes Kegelbahn

329 Bohack’s Supermarket in der Forest Ave

330 Splash parties at Goodhue Pool, New Brighton and everyone trying to get the greased watermelon out of the pool

331 Marty's Candy Store on New Dorp Lane

332 Avinos Pizza am New Dorp Beach

333 The original Jolly Trolley was on Clove Road just before Victory Blvd.

334 Der Miami Club in South Beach

335 Charlie Chips delivery truck delivers potato chips to your home

336 The Sugar Bowl on Victory near Grand Ave was called "Ann's Sugar Bowl"

337 white glass stadium stock cars. I went around, sometimes upside down. Charles Edkins #43x

338 Tumble Town (an outdoor trampoline center on Post Ave near Clove Road)

339 The Miami Club (a nightclub on Jersey Street and Brighton Ave that attracted many celebrities).

340 The Good Mood Man (in his white suit)

341 Dugan's Bakery Truck

342 The Knights of Columbus on Clove Road (with the bowling alley in the basement).

343 cricket matches at Walker Park

344 Little Joe's Pony Track and Animal Farm in der Richmond Ave in Graniteville

345 Tucky's Pizzeria on Arthur Kill Road in Greenridge

346 Jean's Beans in Forest Ave Plaza sells cooked to-go items

347 Rendevous Club on Richmond Ave opp. Our Lady of Pity R.C. Bull's Head of the Church

348 US Army camp on Richmond Ave in Bulls Head

349 Zinicola's Bakery am Hooker Place gegenüber Denino's

350 Casa Nova Restaurant on Richmond Avenue in Port Richmond

351 teams of men climb the fat poles for top prizes at summer festivals at Our Lady of Pity, St. Michael's (Mariner's Harbor) and other local churches

352 Lemon Creek and Richmond Ave. drawbridges

353 Millways Bar on Hylan and Adams Streets

354 The Alps Restaurant an der Richmond Road in New Dorp

355 Charlie Stringer's Belgian team of horses near Franzreb. He was a strong little black man who loved these horses and harnessed them for hay rides and parades. I think he was also a blacksmith

356 The zoo after church on Sunday. One birthday morning, my father asked the primate keeper if I could go behind the railing and touch a spider monkey. I did! It was magical for a young animal lover.

357 Surf Club, Ocean Avenue & Seaside Blvd, South Beach

358 Jake's Ice Cream Trucks on the South Shore

359 Swarms Dock and Marina

360° jumps off the sand dunes when they built Crookes Point

361 Flash Gordon Series on Saturday mornings at the Ritz Theatre

362 Parks Dept. dances between Westerleigh Park, McDonalds Playground and Cromwell Center on Wednesday evenings

363 ski jumps in Little Clove Road

364 Sleigh Ride all the way down Waters Avenue

365 Veterans Pavilion at Jewett Ave. and on the boulevard

366 after school swim at old JCC

367 "Dressing" of the maypole in Clove Lakes Park

368 Barrancos Diner in der Forest Ave.

369 What appears to be the longest drive in the world - Drumgoole Blvd.

370 Every storefront on Richmond Ave. inhabited by doo-wop groups

371 The Miniature Golf Course at New Dorp Lane and Hylan Blvd.

372 The Polar Cave across from New Dorp Lane from Mini Golf.

373 Fitzgerald's Hotel and Ballfield at the base of Nelson Ave. in Great Kills.

374 WWII Honor Roll – at the top of Nelson Ave and Amboy Road in Great Kills

375 Tiger Market - Great Kills Village.

376 Browers Hardware - Great Kills Village.

377 Katzmans Dept. Store - Great Kills Village.

378 Jim & Charlie's Barber Shop - Great Kills Village.

379 Die Rede von The Town Tavern - Great Kills Village.

380 Fiorelli's Shoe Store - Great Kills Village.

381 Fiorelli's Drogerie - Great Kills Village.

382 Staten Island Edison Company - Great Kills Village.

383 Bub Cohn's Fish Market - Great Kills Village.

384 Die Great Kills Bank - Great Kills Village.

385 Whitmans Candy Store - Great Kills Village.

(Video) Vintage Staten Island: Memories of 'old' New Dorp

386 The Bock Agency - Great Kills Village.

387 Sherman Williams Paint Store - Great Kills Village.

388 Taylor Shop von Nicotinie - Great Kills Village.

389 Springstead Lumber Co. - Great Kills Village.

390 Ralston's Grocery Store - Great Kills Village.

391 I used to get ready for school around the clock at the old R&H brewery

392 Sleigh Ride at Silver Lake Golf Course on the "big" hill

393 Beefsteak Charlie's (bei der Mall)

394 Lucci's TV

395 Friday Night Dances im St.Peters H.S.

396 Forest Avenue Farmers Exchange, now Pastosa's, especially at Christmas with the tree for sale.

397 Staten Island Pickle Works on Targee St.

398 Blackberry Picks next to Anne's Sugar Bowl on Victory Blvd and Melrose Ave.

399 Moore's Stable on Victory Blvd, where the mounted police stored their horses.

Play 400 Pickup Ball at Clove Lake Park, basketball, football, baseball, you name it!

401 Shoe Barn in Port Richmond where you bought shoes for school uniforms.

402 Piels Brewery, originally Rubsam and Horrman.

403 Hörmann Castle when the Presentation nuns lived there.

404 Augustinian Academy on the Grymesberg.

405 Amboy Twin Cinema's - Amboy Road in Great Kills

406 SIRT with the braided seats that would fold back and forth

407 public schools were open in the summer for sports, crafts, food, and outings.

408 Tavern on the Green Restaurant Hylan Blvd., New Dorp

409 Temptee Freeze Ice Cream Parlor, corner of Greeley Ave and Hylan Blvd.

410 Goodies Hamburger across from Temptee Freeze at the corner of Greeley Ave and Hylan Blvd.

411 white glass milk, delivered to your home in glass bottles

412 I remember Van Duzer taking a sleigh ride down Targee Street

413 In Stapleton, there were dances at the Immaculate Conception Church, then we went to dances at the Tappen Post and the Armory

414 Porters Frozen Custard Stand was opposite Al Deppes across Arthur Kill Road

415 Fair Way Club (Food and Dancing) It was across from Al Deppe's Richmond Avenue.

416 Florist Gretta Nissen I used to work there for 25 cents an hour. Milton, Gretta and Lillian Nissen were very friendly people

417 I had a gas station and garage at 4585 Amboy Road Eltingville, the name was Clint's Auto Service. I wonder if anyone remembers my gas station.

418 Miltons Beacon (great fast food) a restaurant built exactly like a lighthouse. It was on the corner of Richmond Hill Road and Richmond Avenue.

419 Arthur Kill Incinerator, where they burned all the trash that was picked up on Staten Island.

420 (Gus and Frank Dinger) Dinger's farm

421 A streetcar named The Red Mike along Richmond Avenue

422 Sarlos Soda and Ice Cream on Broad Street and Targee Street. (The music played on the Wurlitzer and the best ice cream lemonades in the world)

423 My mother swam from South Beach to Hoffman Island and back

424 My father owned the College Pharmacy Van Duzer St.

425 I've been delivering recipes to the military families living in Fox Hills by bicycle.

426 I took lessons at Franzrebs Stables in Clove Lake.

427 We often took blankets to Silver Lake Park and stayed there on a hot night.

428 Dad gehörte Katz Drugs and Surgicals in der Bay and Water St. in Stapleton.

429 St. Louis Academy am Drumgoole Blvd.

430 Barranco's Diner (owned by Vic Barranco) in West Brighton was called the Midway Diner

431 Marconi's Restaurant, New Dorp Beach behind the bowling alley.

432 Dongan Hills Train Station, a stationery store that all the kids called "Carls" that also had a soda fountain.

433 Nanette is in Tompkinsville

434 Empire Theater with one dollar in the 50's $0.25 for double play with cartoons etc. 10am to 4pm. You could win prizes, see a live stage show, etc. You could have candy for 0.05 and lemonade or popcorn for a dime... I remember hiding behind half the wall when they were playing Dracula with Bela Lugosis

435 Ice skating at Jack's Pond

436 Fairyland and the Sand Pit behind the Great Kills Swim Club

437 Joeys Showboat und Sonnys Lounge

438 I lived in Bulls Head and I remember the rodeo down the road - I waited at the curb for one of the cowboys to come down the road and get the horse out and ask for a ride - they always gave me one.....- but it so cool to tell people i grew up next to a rodeo!!!

439 I also remember all the farms on Richmond Ave. – from Victory Blvd. past where the mall is now

440 All of these concerts took place at the Ritz Theatre

441 Hennys Steakhouse

442 LaRosa's Bakery, South Beach (they had the best lemon ice cream)

443 May's und Fay's Hotels, South Beach

444 The train with wicker seats that could be pushed back and forth.

445 One of my father's first jobs was bringing coal to households on S.I. to deliver and unload some coal from the truck in poor neighborhoods along the way.

446 Aida's Bakery on New Dorp Lane, opposite the Lane Theatre

447 The Sail Inn Bar am Hylan Blvd & Nelson Ave, Great Kills

448 Gulf Station at Post Office and Richmond Avenue

449 Habild's Camera and Art Shop on Winham Avenue - New Dorp.

450 Ciro's Italian Restaurant on Reid Avenue and Hylan Blvd

451 The Island Movie Theatre in der Richmond Ave.

452 I remember the rodeo that used to be on the corner where Richmond Terrace met Richmond Avenue, just across from Seduttos

453 Record Baron on Wald, where everyone bought their 45s

454 Master Pizza When Eggers was across from Sears

455 Bert's gift shop in Port Richmond

456 Lifesaver Beach in Tottenville

457 A popular spot in Tottenville in the 1950's was The Hut, a hamburger joint on Amboy Road where we could eat a burger or just hang out.

458 Fox Hills Army Post, Concord, where Italian prisoners of war were held

459 The Keyboard Lounge in Grant City und Emily singt „Crazy“

460 The Lions' Den on Midland Avenue

461 Otto's Sweet Shop on Victory Blvd, people walking to catch the bus to the ferry. pick up the paper and leave a nickel

462 The Village Inn on Richmond Road

463 Trimsrche's Restaurant Hylan Blvd & Alter Avenue, Dongan Hills

464 Sandy's rowboats in Lemon Creek

465 Flo's Bar and the Castaways Bar on Sequine Ave.

466 SS White Dental Works

467 Thomas's Rent a Boat They were all painted orange and moored at the mouth of Lemon Creek.

468 The C.Y.O camp on Johnson Terr. and Sequine Ave.

469 The Bridge over Lemon Creek (it opened by moving on rails)

470 Anne's Candy Shop an der Ecke Castleton Ave/Brighton Ave.

471 Crupi's Cozy Corner - Corner of Bay Street and Maryland Avenue in Rosebank.

472 Perosis Ceramic Studio in Elm Park.....40 years of fun

473 New Dorp - Curtis Annual Thanksgiving Football Game at Weissglass Stadium.

474 The Old Blue and White Laundry on Post Ave. and Clove Road

475 Plaza Casino Bowlingbahn

476 The Wright Toy Store on Van Duzer

477 Eibs milk home delivery service to the front door

478 The Seaside Blvd. to Father Cappidano Blvd

479 Paul's Candy Store in New Dorp. Aside from selling the best damn custard you've ever had, Paul used to sell pea shooters with extra bags of ammo which we would drop by and take them to the Lane Theatre, sneak onto the balcony and start shooting people throughout the movie. Paul himself wasn't a bad guy, but he had no patience for children. Especially teenagers. If you were a kid and didn't spend any money within 2 minutes of entering the store, Paul would chase you away and you wouldn't even think to read any comics or magazines without paying first.

Buy 480 shoes at Buster. Brown's on Forest Ave. They had a penny machine in the store, you could watch a short film by Charlie Chaplin.

481 I remember there were two neighboring restaurants in the early 1950's

482 in the same location as Al Deppe's - one was called the Jolly Trolley and the other The Loose Caboose - more hot dogs and ice cream. Taken together, they were all "Al Deppes" in our heads.

483 I could remember when R&H was just up the street from where I lived (Wright Street) My friends and went to the back of the brewery and climbed it up to the tower where we caught a couple of pigeons and sold them for a dime at rubies Egg and chicken market on Water Street just under the train tracks.

484 Steckman's Sporting Goods on Bay Street next to the Paramount Theatre. Supplier of Spalding Hi-Bounce" pinkies and sneakers and skates to "The Island" for over 50 years.

485 Marine Motor Sales (MG-Triumph-Saab-Jaguar) 419 Castleton Ave. Last British new car franchise on Staten Island

486 The Factory Rock Club

487 My mother and father Charles and Caroline Gerhard were caretakers of the Old Actors Home (demolished in 1934) opposite the S.I. zoo lay

488 The Tompkinsville Blue Jays basketball team

489 Bobby Darren used to spend his summers with his family in a bungalow on the beach

490 Nanette's Ice Cream Parlor in Tompkinsville

491 Hillside Swim Club an der Signs Road

492 Casa Nova Restaurant in Port Richmond

493 Double D Deli, which became Double S next door to the Dakota Diner on Richmond Ave

494 Arnold Palmer Batting Cage and Miniature Golf on Forest Ave & South Avenue just past the Majors across the street on Knotty Pines Lanes

495 batting cage and driving range on Goethals Rd which is now a trailer park

496 "Big Moe's" Hot Dog Truck parked on South Avenue near SI Expwy for over 30 years

497 Domenico bus into town

498 Alessios on Richmond and West Caswell

499 Clove Lake Ice Skating – Vor der Blase!

500 Santos Sporting Goods on Hylan Blvd

501 Bills World of Sports auf dem Victory Blvd

502 Bennett's Bicycles was always needed at least once a summer to fix a flat or bent rim - on Jewett Avenue

503 Kobren’s Pharmacy in der Forest Ave

504 MacDonalds Inn (tavern/restaurant) at 238 Morningstar Road owned by my father (Phil Perosis)

505 Hadaar Disco in der Clove Road

506 Shoshoni Disco is located on Manor Road

507 I remember seeing vaudeville shows at the Ritz Theater on Saturdays

508 There were rowboats in Clove Lake.

509 We hitchhiked to the beaches

510 Victory Blvd had streetcars

511 Moe's Candy Store in Sunnyside

512 The first A&P, air-conditioned, in Stapleton

513 The hurricane of 1938

514 The Country Squire Press at 48-50 Jefferson Blvd. in Annadale (owned by Bernard Zipprich)

515 Angelo's Hair Stylist 505 Forest Avenue (owned by Angelo Call from 1947 to the late 1960s)

516 railroad tracks were at grade, with R.R gates at some street crossings

517 St. Christopher's Church, purchased by Sear & Roebucks, shipped to site in boxes

518 football games for the Staten Island Tigers, home base was Grant City

519 I remember seeing soldiers parachuting at Miller Field

520 I remember the Old Army Hospital in New Dorp Beach being demolished with a wrecking ball

521 The Carousel Diner (Tottenville)

522 Main Bar and Grill on Main Street (Tottenville)

523 Club 93 was on Main St. and Arthur Kill Rd (Tottenville)

524 Ammy's Men's Store on Main Street (Tottenville)

525 Mary's Five and Ten auf Amboy Rd und Main St (Tottenville)

526 Antonio's Pizza on Amboy Rd. near Main Street (Tottenville)

527 Tennis spielen im Tottenville Racquet Club

528 The Factory Rock Club

529 Terramarine Hotel Staten Island Huguenot Avenue

530 Brewery Pils

531 Die Parkvilla

532 Jack in the Box on Victory Blvd near Jewett Ave

533 Angelinas Pizzeria, Todt Hill

534 The blackout of 1977

535 Johnny the ice cream truck man he would throw gum in the air with one marked for a free ice cream

536 1961. Quart milk bottles from Weissglass Dairy had pictures and information of the US President on the bottle caps. First, the company gave you a sheet with pictures of the presidents and a place to stick the bottle cap

537 The swamp. Colon Ave & Katan Ave. We skated there in the winter. In the summer, tell stories of people drowning there while walking their dogs

538 The 6 on Forest Ave

539 Two early scout camps. One in Annadale in 1915 on Arden Avenue called Camp Wilson and another in Clove Lakes called Camp DuBois in 1917

540 Angelo's Pizza on Canal Street.

541 Earls Sporting Goods and Record Shop, Canal Street

542 Colonial Lanes, Bay Street

543 Gigis Taverne, Rosebank

544 Golden Cue Pool Parlor, Canal und Wright Street

545 Stapleton AC Bowling, Baseball, Basketball

546 Shields Deli Broad Street before moving to Hylan Blvd in Great Kills

547 Millers Apotheke Broad Street

548 Gelgiesers Hardware Broad Street

549 Stack Darts Soccer

550 Thompson's Stadium now the Stapleton Houses

551 Mickey Jays Bar Broad Street

552 Sam' (Belotti) gas station Tompkins Avenue

553 Charlie und El's Pine Room Fingerboard Road

554 Pier 6 Tompkinsville

555 Staten Island Hospital, Castleton Avenue

556 Goodhue Pool Lafayette Street

557 Fagos Friseursalon Tompkins Avenue

558 The Corn Exchange Bank became Chemical Corn Exchange and then Chemical

559 Butcher shop & market Trunz

560 St. Christopher's Annual Picnic at Semlars Park.

561 The Corner House Bar und Restaurant an der Lincoln Ave und North RR Avenue.

562 The Rex Theater in Stapleton had a wooden bench for chairs 10 cents admission and the huge live big bands on the Tompkinsville piers on Saturday night

563 There was also a roller rink down the street from the Paramount Theater

564 The Elegants practice in our school hall.

565 The roar of the engines from the stock car races at Weisglass Stadium

566 Bowling-Team der New Dorp High School.

567 During World War II I lived at the top of Chestnut Ave. on the corner of White Plains Ave. There was an old wooden bridge over the railroad that went to Fox Hills. As far as I can remember, it was mostly black army troops stationed there, and every morning they marched down Chestnut Avenue to the docks. I don't know what they were doing down there.

568 Hedges (New Dorp)

569 There were also Italian prisoners of war at Fox Hills. And they played football, and as children we stood on the bridge and watched them. After the war I know some of the prisoners stayed at Rosebank

570 There were flower factories down Tompkins Ave. and Chestnut.

571 Watching "King and His Court" play softball at Weisglass Stadium

572 Skippy's Hot Dogs (truck - since the '50s) parked on Hylan Blvd near Slater Blvd in Dongan Hills.

573 Three Hills (a/k/a Down Back) at Holland Avenue and Richmond Terrace in Arlington/Port Ivory/Mariners Harbor. There were three swamps with three small hills (hence the name).

574 Neisner's department store on Forest Avenue. There was a diner in there and they popped a balloon for a penny sundae.

575 Plaid Stamp Store in der New Dorp Lane.

(Video) Staten Island Mall memories: 1970s to today

576 Die Mini-Lounge in Dongan Hills.

577 The Wonder Bar on Midland Ave

578 Cavanaugh Leagues, Twilight and Softball on Sunday morning.

579 Watch the filming of Madonna's video Poppa do not preach from Dominic's Pizzeria

580 Dugan brings bread to the door

581 Safeway on Victory Blvd in Westcott

582 Robin's Reef Buick on Van Duzer

583 Iceland Chevrolet at Castleton near Carnation

584 Petrillo Oldsmobile auf Castleton am Broadway.

585 Fairyland (the forest that ran from Giffords Lane to Richmond Ave near Arthur Kill Rd.

Watch 586 rodeos at Weisglass Stadium. I remember there was a cowboy who had singing whips and rode a black horse with a white saddle and bridle named Rye Whiskey. He would whip cigarettes right out of a woman's lips!

587 Searching for salamanders in Silver Lake Park Creek

588 The grocery conveyor of the grocery store at Major department store. They put your purchases in a wooden box with a number to remember, put it on a conveyor belt that took out your purchases while you got your car and when you stopped your purchases were waiting for you. Sometimes someone would help pack them in your car!

589 The milk processing station (you could see the large tanks and pipes through the window) down at Mariner's Harbor on Forest Ave.

590 Montanti is a western clothing and feed store on Richmond Terrace near Weisglass Stadium

591 Canter on horseback past the Travis Power Plant chimney on the West Shore Expressway before it was paved.

592 Piccadilly Liquor Store, Victory and Bay St., Tompkinsville (where Burger King is now)

593 Das Lido Restaurant, Victory Blvd, Tompkinsville

594 DeNora's Ice, Coal and Oil, New Brighton

595 Dancing to Cold North im Hunt und/oder Rigby's

596 Kaufhaus des Majors - Mariners Harbor

597 Jimmy Mack (You can still see him perform on the island)

598 The street house, Nelkenstrasse

599 Manor Sweet Shop, Manor Road

600 concerts at Snug Harbor, Richmond Terrace

601 St. Rita's Church Bazaars, Bradley Avenue

602 mansion, mansion and tillman

603 Fazzinos Superette, Manor Road

604 New Dorp Lumber

605 Lerners

606 Tyrone's shoes

607 Oven Bake Bakery

608 John's Bargain Shops.

609 Just outside the Forest Avenue mall was a small dance studio that was always busy, and across the street was the Robert Hall clothing store

610 The old railroad that used to run through Mariners Harbor.

611 The Sanitation Depot formerly located on Alaska Street.

612 Plaza Casino, a banquet hall on Castleton Avenue that hosted many weddings, receptions, and special events.

613 Nat’s Candy Store an der Ecke Rose Avenue und South Railroad Avenue

614 Conte’s Grocery Store in der North Railroad Avenue

615 Wetson's - I remember getting 2 hamburgers, fries and a coke for 99 cents!

616 Staten Island speed shop

617 Richmond Auto Parts

618 Nedicks......tucked away in that back corner of Forest Avenue Shopping Center where the kitchen/grill was in the middle of the restaurant and you could watch them making your burgers......where the hamburgers smelled like heaven and tasted just as good, and where they had buckets of pickles on every table.

619 Majors had a supermarket section in the back and after you paid for the groceries you could have someone put your groceries into bins on a conveyor belt that took everything to the back of the store where you could pull up and load them into your cart.

620 Majors also had Santa arrive in a helicopter each year

621 Bennet's Bicycles was always needed at least once a summer to fix a flat or bent rim... and they still stand on Jewett Avenue today

622 Circle-S Milk Farm on Forest Avenue near Jewett Avenue

623 Tally Ho Field auf dem Hylan Blvd, Great Kills

624 Milton's Beacon an der Richmond Ave & Richmond Hill Road

625 Italian Farmer's Delicatessen on New Dorp Lane

626 St Joseph's Bakery across from Italian Farmers. You had them

627 best baba rhum in the world!

628 Fairyland, a beautiful, unspoilt wooded area in the area around Arthur Kill Road, which ran behind our home on Ridgewood Avenue, known as Fairyland.

629 hurricane of 1948

630 A bakery on Castleton Avenue called Shumans Bakery. They had the best jelly donuts, frozen coconut and frozen coffee cake were the best.

631 Grandpa's Comedy Club - New Dorp

632 Moe's Candy Store across from the train station on Richmond Avenue, Eltingville, next to Delco Drugs.

633 We all start from the end of Ridgewood Avenue where we used to sit in the drive-in theater and look at the screen; of course we couldn't really make out what we were seeing too far.

634 I am a native Staten Islander and lived on Ridgewood Avenue. My grandparents owned the original Val's Pizzeria, which was my first job at age 11. I sold Christmas trees on the corner in the winter and worked in the garden center in the summer. I also sold pumpkins and dressed up as a peasant girl with pigtails and a peasant blouse. I worked at the deli next to the pizzeria for as long as it existed. Oh yeah, and I sold ice cream at Val's for a very short time. Before Val's, of course, we all remember Al Deppe's. My father worked in the kitchen at Al Deppe and opened clams.

Located at 86 Mills Avenue in South Beach, 635 Club Brazil was actually the first floor of a large timber frame house. The "bar" was located in the middle of a purely residential street (the site now consists of adjoining townhouses). In the 70's they catered to a "special" audience and put on great live shows at the time. The clientele were great people and this was their "hideaway" in a less tolerant time

636 Steve's Orange House was located on the coast around the Prince's Bay area.

637 Pizza Patio (In the town of Pleasant Plains, near the train station and owned by the Buono family of Nocera, Italy.)

638 Bagel Nosh (Restaurant, right on the corner of Victory Avenue and Richmond Avenue.)

639 Prince's Bay Trade Mart (Housed in the old former S.S.White factory on Hylan Blvd. at Seguine Ave. It was intended to be the South Shore's new "mall" but never really caught on.

640 Blossoms Disco a disco club on Midland Ave. in front of the hotel.

641 The Silver Fox (Die lokale Bar in Annadale Town.)

642 The Blooma Barn (Located on the second level of Prince's Bay Trade Mart, they sold lingerie, gifts and intimate apparel.)

643 games in the abandoned South Field Coal Company

644 Mark's Chinese Restaurant in Dongan Hills from middle to end

645 1960er.

646 Mary’s Variety Shop in der 330 Clove Road

647 Eileen Peters clothing store on Richmond Ave near Forest. They had the cool car you could play in while your mom bought your clothes.

648 Rickles hardware stores.

649 Big Apple Bazaar, which took over the Corvettes building

650 The chopper fishing boat that used to dock off Bay Street... Her motto was "I caught my whopper on the chopper"

651 The Quarry at Forest Ave.

652 Piccadilly Circus

653 Tony's Candy Store Forest and Bard

654 Racenstiens Drugstore Forest and Lawrence

655 Dongan Diner on Castleton Avenue and Dongan Street

656 Midway Diner Wald und Broadway

657 Donoghues Bar and Grill Forest Avenue

658 The corner of Hylan Boulevard and Lamport Boulevard where the bank is now located was formerly a Carvel Ice Cream Store. There used to be carnival in the parking lot once a year.

659 Raymond's Bakery in Stapleton

660 Coopers Tavern (not Cooper's Bar) Located on Rossville Avenue and was an old place you had the nicest and kindest staff serving you. The staff and most of the guests were vintage cars from the Sandy Ground area.

661 Gifts Galore - located on New Dorp Lane off Blvd. In the 1970s they sold all kinds of colorful and cheap gifts.

662 Mrc – The local neighborhood supermarket and general store on Huguenot Avenue. It was there in the 1960s and certainly before that.

663 The Coffee Shack - Located on Huguenot Avenue, it was the local coffee and sandwich shop that launched the Tottenville H.S. Students.

664 Huguenot Library on Huguenot Avenue, the tiny white wooden building is still there as a thrift store and is said to have been a post office in the 1950s.

665 Alfredo's Restaurant - Hylan Blvd. in big kills. They had the best pizza and fried calamari

666 Beach Haven – A small women-only bar on Father Capodano Blvd. somewhere between Sand Lane and Midland Ave.

667 Chester Beach - Located on the coast east of Huguenot Avenue. I remember a cluster of whitewashed shacks serving beer and hot dogs around 1969-70.

668 Honey for the Bees - a late 70's disco on Clove Road

669 The Sandcastle – an 80's gay bar in South Beach

670 Live on Vanderbilt Avenue and watch the construction of the Verrazano Bridge from our picture window on the second floor

671 When I saw all the fires from the hill behind our house in 1963,

672 The cobblestones of Van Duzer Street and

673 hamburgers and fries (some with skin) at Wetson's.

674 The name of the carousel in South Beach was Terrellis (could have been spelled Tirellis). This was a "real carousel" with the horses going up and down and the arm sticking out where you could lean out and try to get in the "brass ring" for free ride. The rest of the rings were iron and the man would come by at the end of the ride with a wicker basket and collect them. Whoever got a brass ring stuck with it and gave it to the ticket taker at the start of the next round. I don't think there was a kid on Staten Island who rode that ride that didn't smuggle home at least one iron ring.

675 The South Beach Fishing Pier: Located at the northernmost end of the boardwalk (the end closest to Manhattan). In the 40's you could walk to the end of the pier and (as a small child) see people feeding in all kinds of fish and crabs: leeches, blues, porgies, striped fish, blue crabs, rays, robins, sand sharks, eels etc. There was a covered pavilion at the end of the pier and some of the local "heroes" would climb onto the roof and jump off. After a couple of severe hurricanes, the pier fell into disrepair and the city sealed off the entrance to it, but people climbed over the chain link fence and barbed wire or drilled holes through them and went fishing anyway. However, after a few years there were not enough decking boards to walk on. Last time I saw it (in the 60's) the only things left were a couple of broken pilings sticking out of the water

676 The largest seafood restaurant in Prince's Bay was Semlers.

677 The largest factory in Prince's Bay was S.S. White, and they made dental instruments. They had some pretty advanced equipment that was also used in the fledgling field of semiconductors...sandblasting equipment that development labs could use to blast away molecular layers of semiconductors layer by layer

678 The famous big ship that got stuck in the mud in the Kill Van Kull was the USS Missouri, the biggest battleship we've ever had. She did when she came out of the Bayonne Navy Yard. She was grounded just off Richmond Terrace, just outside St. Peter's Girls' High School.

679 Fitzgerald's Fairway Club was the bar across from Al Deppe's

680 The bar where Buddy Hackett got many bookings before he became famous was Dooley Warren's Melody Club on New Dorp Lane. Tommy Billotti (Paul Castelano's chauffeur was the bouncer there)

681 The Farmers' Market on Richmond Ave was nicknamed "the auction" by us old-timers.

682 Der Conca D'oro Swim Club in der Forest Ave. Mariners Harbor

683 The Royal Flamingo Swim Club on Amboy Rd.

684 The D'Antoni's were the barbers of choice.

685 Bement Pharmacy

686 Jährlicher Lou Marli Thanksgiving Day Run im Clove Lakes Park

687 Connies Sweet Shop which was right next to Buda Bakers where you could get a good custard and play a game of pool in the back.

688 Laughing Fat Lady on the Old South Beach Boardwalk (I remember her at the Sand Lane Rides)

689 The Volunteers of America had a really nice spot at the end of Joline Avenue on the beach in Tottenville. It was used for city children during the summer months.

690 When we were on Bement Ave. lived, we could hear the tigers and lions roaring at night (from the zoo) in the summer

691 SIRT - The gates were raised and lowered by hand by a workman in a small cottage.

692 During World War II, Fox Hills had army barracks above the railroad tracks at the top of Chestnut Avenue, Rosebank

693 Tray upon trays 'borrowed' from the Wagner College dining room

694 Port Richmond HS basketball team playing for city championship at Madison Square Garden (1957)

695 We lived on Seaside Blvd. ( Now Father Capadano ), South Beach, about 500 feet from May's Hotel. We stayed in a bungalow which was very hot in the summer. That was before the air conditioning. I remember sleeping on the front porch and going to bed listening to the laughter and music from May's.

696 My great-aunt told us stories of coming home from work, SS White's in Prince's Bay, in a horse-drawn carriage, in the middle of a snowstorm

697 GPs would make house calls for $2 or a chicken thigh if you didn't have the $2.

698 pharmacists compiled their own prescriptions on doctor's orders.

699 North Shore Railway was 10 cents from Mariners Harbor to St. George, then you could also go to South Beach

700 I remember the Saturday night auctions near the airport

701 Miller Field was a US Army base. When I was a kid, I used to watch the troops hurdle. I assume it was a training base. We used to play around with all the kids on the block and sometimes one of them would purposely drive through one of our shoes over the barbed wire fence just so we could go to the main gate and one of the soldiers could drive us there in a jeep to get the shoe going over the fence was thrown.

702 My father went to Buda's bakery every Sunday morning to buy crumble rolls.

I can remember driving up and down Richmond Ave with maroon and white streamers on my car after the Turkey Day football game between Curtis and New Dorp High Schools

704 There was Ciro's Italian Restaurant on Reid Avenue and Hylan Blvd

705 Al Deppe's Hot Dog. It brought back BIG memories. Did you know they had a Franks & Beans plate called "The Gasser"?

706 I remember skating on Cameron's Pond as a teenager, we lit a fire on the small island in the middle of the pond

707 Sloppy-Joe's Tavern at the corner of Sunset and Bradley Avenues

708 Bradley Avenue hieß Nanygoat Hill.

709 The sound "sh-shineee?" "sh-shineee?" was the call of the shoeshine boys on the ferries.

710 I remember climbing the remains of a wooden roller coaster at Midland Beach

711 I remember the remains of a racecourse (probably the old fairgrounds) on the east side of Richmond Road where the Berry projects are now

712 This one is a bit long but you will love it. It's from a Staten Island airline pilot. About a year before Staten Island Airport closed, an archery range and golf driving range opened north of the airport office building. As we rolled out to the start we could see archers and golfers actually trying to hit us. Got another arrow hole on the plane. Just before we left the airport for the last time and headed to the safety of Miller Field, another plane and I took revenge. We rolled to the archery range first, turned tails to the office and flat out with the brakes on. My plane has 600 hp and the other plane has about half that power. I suspect some bows and many arrows were coiled in New Jersey. After doing justice to the archery range, we repeated the performance for the golf driving range, sending hundreds of golf balls down Richmond Avenue

713 Miller Field has witnessed landings by aviation giants Charles Lindbergh and Admiral Richard Byrd.

714 Jahn's Deli on Forest Avenue

715 The WPA was a government program. It paid a small salary to keep people busy during the lean years leading up to WW11. The New York stage and theater actors and singers etc. were no different. They would come to Silver Lake and set up a stage and put on operettas and plays and we would bring our blankets from all over the island to sit on the lawn and see some of the best performances we would ever see in our lives for free to see . I think that was a kind of education in itself as I don't think I've ever had an opportunity like this to see this caliber of theater on my parents' income.

716 In the early sixties we also went to concerts in Silver Lake. Also the Joseph Papp Shakespeare productions at Clove Lake.

717 Benny Goodman came to Midland Beach or one of the beaches one summer around 1961.

718 The New York Philharmonic came to the Paramount Theater in Stapleton

719 goats in a meadow opposite P.S. 12

720 Die Candlelight-Bar

721 Joe Rellas Ice Co.

722 Soapbox Race in the St. George Theaters parking lot

723 play tackle football on the lawn at Boro Hall in St. George

724 Schwartz 5 & 10

725 Johnicks On St Pauls Ave. Best Chili Dogs Ever.

726 Sleigh Ride at Silver Lake Park

727 Peter Pan Alley on Forest Ave.

728 I remember when PS 39 had a blacktop ball field installed. It was a big deal back then and of course there was a parade to celebrate its opening.

729 Sunnyside Hospital was demolished for the Staten Island Expressway

730 Zodiac Disco on Hylan Blvd just past Richmond Avenue

731 Huge live big bands at Tompkinsville Pier on Saturday nights

732 I remember when PS 39 had a Blacktop ball field installed. It was a big deal back then and of course there was a parade to celebrate its opening.

733 Weissglass lay between Union and Van Pelt on the south side of Forest.

734 My first part-time job was stocking shelves in Majors' toy department on Forest Avenue.

At 735 Stevenson's Luncheonette on Victory & Mountainview, they had hand-wrapped Breyers ice cream and stayed open late to get the "Bulldog" edition of the daily news.

736 The small town feel that's missing now, like Christmas tree shopping in a vacant lot across from Nunzio's Pizzeria on Hylan Blvd. and Midland Ave.

737 Taking the family to the Moravian Florist to buy new Christmas lights and decorations.

738 Occasional, on special occasions, dinner at the Tavern on the Green

739 I sold magazines in the late '30s, and then the Staten Island Advance in Sunnyside and in Grymes Hill when they were 3 cents a copy.

740 I bought my first '45 record, Lou Christie's Lightning's Strikeing Again, at Woolworth's.

741 Every Sunday afternoon we drove around the island and went to Dinger farm, young Gus was my father's friend.

742 My dad used to drive his stock car (Gus from Dinger Farm) for him at Weissglass Stadium.

743 We would watch the model airplanes fly at the old airport.

744 St. Peter's Dances

745 I also remember Gus Semler, with the soccer field and the bar, with the big houses with multiple seats in the picnic area Gus Semler was a great guy and would do anything for any sport played on the field owned by and surrounded by old wooden fence

746 Strawberry Ice Cream Sodas bei Paul's, Eckladen an der Lincoln and South Railroad Avenue, Grant City

747 The old railway station at Grant City, (when the tracks were above ground) which had a pot oven to keep warm while waiting for the train

748 A mafia godfather lived on Staten Island. Paul Castellano lived in a mansion on a 3.5-acre Staten Island estate atop Todt Hill at 177 Benedict Road that was valued at $3.5 million and was built as a copy of the White House. In fact, he called it his "White House."

749 El Sal Restaurant was located next to the Royal Flamingo Swim Club on Amboy Rd.

750 Deppe's Corner consisted of Al Deppe's (corner of Richmond Ave & Arthur Kill Road); gas station (corner of Arthur Kill Road & Richmond Ave); Elk's Club Building (corner of Richmond & Drumgoole); Miniature golf (corner of Drumgoole & Arthur Kill Road.); Fairway Club (corner of Arthur Kill Road & Richmond Ave)

751 We used to skate on Arbutus Lake.

752 Villa Deste Pizza - Oak wood

753 We also skated at Wolf's Pond and the older folks parked their cars in front of the pond with their headlights on so we could see.

754 Fitzgerald's Fairway Club was the bar across from Al Deppe's

755 Dairy bought or taken over by Weissglass was called New Dorp Dairy

756 The wooded area on the left leading from Gifford's Lane to Al Deppe's was called Fairyland.

757 The Orange House was at the foot of Arbutus Ave on the beach.

758 As a youngster it was a great pleasure going to Al Deppe's, more for the games in the background than the food!

759 Avino's Pizza down on New Dorp Beach.

760 We used to go to the gazebo at the end of Hylan to sit and watch the boats.

761 On July 4th we would go there to see the Perth Amboy fireworks.

762 The old bridge over the Fresh Kills was a drawer bridge, but I've never seen it open in my life

763 The wicker seats on the train gave the stockings a lot of trouble as there was always a loose piece to hold on to!

764 There were no air conditioners or ceiling fans on the trains, so windows were opened in the summer to get some air.

765 The rods and hanging brackets of the trains were covered with white porcelain.

(Video) Once Upon a Time on Staten Island produced by EmArt Productions, copyright 2002

766 The trains also had conductors and other workers on board to take your ticket or sell you a ticket.

767 The fare from my house to Great Kills was eight cents each way when I was young.

768 Later, the ride to the ferry would cost thirty-two cents

769 The conductor would stamp where you boarded and disembarked next to the cost. Everyone knew the conductors after a while.

770 February 1961 After seeing a play on Broadway, we finally caught the ferry and then the train at St. George. But the train only got as far as between Tompkinsville and Stapleton because of the heavy, deep snow that covered the tracks and the third rail. We spent the night on the train (only about a dozen people in both cars) until early in the morning a locomotive finally came from somewhere and pushed us the rest of the way.

771 My father had an uncle, Joe Pesci, who owned Joe's Restaurant (Joe's Question Mark, The Question Mark

772 A school friend of mine, her father owned a small bar/tavern on Richmond Terrace, somewhere between St Peters Place and Laporte Place. I think if I remember correctly it was called the hole in the wall. It was on the Borough Hall side of Richmond Terrace, not the water side, and it was quite small.

773 Honey for the Bees - a late 70's disco on Clove Road

774 It is a positive fact that Seaview Hospital was a tuberculosis hospital operated by the City of New York.

775 Farm Colony was across the street. Not a TB hospital, but a home for the elderly.

776 Halloran Hospital was a US Army hospital during WW11 and performed many reconstructive surgeries for wounded soldiers

777 Halloran Hospital was moved to Willobrook after the army left.

778 Sea View was originally built as a hospital for T.B. Patients operated on by the City of New York

779 Farm Colony was a cooperative. I remember a very large barn with dairy cows. I believe it was a cooperative farm.

780 The Sandcastle – an 80's gay bar in South Beach

781 My fondest memory of Graniteville was Dominick's Pizzeria on the corner of Forest Ave and Morningstar Road.

782 I could remember when R&H was just up the road from where I lived (Wright Street) my friends and went to the back of the brewery and climbed the latter to the tower where we caught a couple of pigeons and sold them for a one each Cents to Rubin's Egg and Chicken Market on Water Street just under the train tracks.

783 Habild's camera and art supplies store on Winham Avenue in New Dorp.

784 CYO summer camp in Prince's Bay at the end of Seguine Avenue. (behind SS whites)

785 Also in Prince's Bay, right next to the CYO Summer Camp, was a factory that later became an indoor shopping mall called the "Trade Mart" where Chinese auctions were held on the weekends.

786 As kids we used to play in the green belt around New Dorp/Oakwood.

787 Some people forgot to mention a few things about Paul's Sweet Shop in New Dorp. Aside from selling the best damn custard you ever had, Paul sold pea shooters with extra bags of ammo which we bought and took to the Lane Theater, snuck onto the balcony and started shooting people throughout the movie. Paul himself was not a bad guy, but he had no patience for children, especially teenagers. If you were a kid and didn't spend any money within 2 minutes of entering the store, Paul would chase you away and you wouldn't even think to read any comics or magazines without paying first.

788 Before Jake's ice cream trucks started south shore routes. There was Cal the ice cream man, and I have to say the nicest bloody ice cream man I could remember. After serving everyone as he drove off, he threw free gum in the corner

789 At Great Kills Park, before the stone walkway was built, there was a bulkhead that made it easy to scoop up blue crabs with a net. I remember catching dozens of them and big ones every time I went there and we also used the crab traps.

790 I remember the bridge that goes over the Kill Van Kull on Richmond Avenue was a small two lane narrow stone bridge before it was renovated and people went crab fishing there.

791 The garbage man walking down Van Duzer Street yelling, "Any garbage today?" his horse wore a hat.

792 The street cleaners in the 1940s wearing white jackets and sweeping the curbs with a bucket on wheels.

793 Sunnyside Hospital was demolished for the Staten Island Expressway

794 Zodiac Disco on Hylan Blvd just past Richmond Avenue

795 The Old Woodrow Methodist Church with a graveyard filled with many, many of Staten Island's old family names

The library of 796 at Huguenot was a very small, one-room building adjacent to the Calvinist church

797 Huguenots, Amboy Road used to be a post office, now I think there's a barber's shop. Then it became a barber shop and then a sneaker/sports store after the post office went.

798 Remember calling the Verrazano Bridge "the gangplank of Guinea."

799 Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's family spent the summer in the 1950s

800 South Beach Lifeguard Parties

801 The Perils of Pauline films were filmed at Brady's Pond in Grasmere with a special railway line being built all the way to Rosebank.

802 Killie Bends was a tidal stream that flowed through the ranch lands of Sailor's Snug Harbor in Livingston

803 The Farmers' Market on Richmond Ave was nicknamed "the auction" by us old-timers.

804 I've always heard that my street's name, Fingerboard Road, came from an old-fashioned "Finger Board" sign that pointed to the street at the corner of what is now Fingerboard Road and Bay Street. People used to say... "Turn at the Finger Board" and that's how it got its street name

805 Our ice cream man in the 20's was Mr Franzreb who also had a riding stables on Clove Rd. He used to come to the house in his horse-drawn wagon and bring a huge lump of ice into the house with a pair of giant tongs for our old brown wooden cooler.

806 I remember the concrete stairs leading to Tompkins Circle on Victory Blvd. Near the V that joins Corson Ave. and formed Victory Blvd. When I was young, there was a small newspaper kiosk by the stairs and a Chinese laundry next to it. That was in the late 20's, 30's and 40's.

807 I remember Kipp's German Bakery on the corner of Monroe and Victory Blvd.

808 I also remember Goetz Bakery, half a block from Kipp's on Victory Blvd. There you could get a whole large frosted layer cake for 50 cents in the 40s.

809 Howdy Doody's very own Clarabell the Clown who showed up at the Clove Lakes Stables in the 50's and scared all the little kids including me as he never spoke but just honked his horn and looked absolutely creepy!

810 Tony's Candy Store (Bard & Forest) where the owner Tony gave us a peek at his dirty magazines as the "ladies" left the store... Tony was also known for keeping at least 4 cigarettes in his ashtray at a time and never smoke any of them!

811 My uncle takes me to Weissglass Stadium to watch pro wrestling. I met Killer Kowalski in the dressing room and had a beer with golden boy Arnold Skoaland. They were mortal enemies. How could they drink beer together! And Kowalski was from Poland but spoke perfect English! My uncle reluctantly told me Killer was from Detroit, Michigan. I was shaken.

812 Smiling Sonny's toy store. Forest & Oakland... all these great toys and yet Sonny never smiled

813 Carvel...Forest & Bard...big hangout...swarms of kids sitting in the back seats of their cars in the parking lot wondering where to go and what to do...and having a great time at the have nothing to do!

814 Anderson's Beach House was a journey. It had a stand on the beach selling sodas, hot dogs, etc. The Beach House itself was a bucket of blood, fight is one night, friends the next, only locals, prince bay.

815 The Christmas Tree Inn was just a few blocks down, all Jersey kids as 21 was Jersey's drinking age.

816 The Tottenvilla was another memorable "restaurant" bar on Hylan Blvd. in Tottenville

817 Alfee's was attached to Al Deppes just behind the arcade

818 Diving for shells on the sandbank in the middle of Great Kills harbor only had to look for the "State Boat" as it was illegal due to pollution. Never got sick. The State Boat was grey. Iceland Marine Services, Port of Great Kills.

819 The clay pit ponds, from the old brickworks, Now under the rubbish dump. Hills Pond, someone would have drowned there every year diving on the submerged towline.

820 My memories are of Crochito's on Sand Lane, South Beach, which - when I was a boy - was a curiosity as it offered burlesque (ladies in various states of undress serving a 12 or 13 year old in the early 1950's For years there has always been an intriguing thought and a constant topic of conversation between me and my friends

821 LaRosa's Bakery, the best cannolis and Italian ice cream in NYC, just off Sand Lane (Sal LaRosa was a classmate at New Dorp High School for the two years I attended before I was sent to boarding school)

822 Time Out Arcade (SI Mall)

823 And all the rides on South Beach and the Boardwalk. As a 17-year-old, I was an SPH (Seasonal Park Helper) in South Beach, cleaning the beach every summer morning from about 6am. And a living memory are all the fires that started in the dry cattails of the marshes on either side of Sand Lane towards the beach. Seems like every few weeks there was a conflagration!

824 The Esso gas station at Hylan Blvd and Sand Lane (at the roundabout) owned by Jimmy "Pip".

825 There was a notorious billiard parlor on the south side of the RR tracks in Grant City. It could be seen from the train.

826 The billiard room in Great Kills was known as Pop Martinson's. It was on the hill off Amboy Road.

827 The St. George had a children's department where a matron of the "Brunhilda" type kept you in line, and in the towing department... you didn't mess with her... and we were good kids. Double function for a quarter! The "monster" movies were the best...Godzilla, Rodan, space stories... The theater was well maintained and had a special smell unlike the other island theatres

828 Levines on Stuyvesant Place, a local newspaper, candy, cigars, magazines and soda fountain service. ..delicious and probably rots your teeth! Father and mother Levine gave Mel, the son, after a while. In summer you needed a winter coat, it was so cold in there! Mel always sweated no matter!

829 Hyatt Sweet Shoppe on the same block a few doors down rivaled them for fountain service but also doubled as a fast food joint. That belonged to the Curcio family.

830 Jones Dance Studio at 105 Stuyvesant trained many young ladies in tap dancing. Miss Jones also taught piano

831 Grasso's grocery store, owned by Emilio F. Grasso and his wife, actually delivered groceries to local residents in the area. Nice family owned shop. Mostly had a cigar in his mouth! He always brings boxes of groceries to his truck for local deliveries.

832 Joe the Baker Pizza in the same building as the Kiddie Rides on Sand Lane, South Beach

833 My brothers used to live in the Children's Home (Bethlehem Boys Home) on Fingerboard Road & Hylan Blvd

834 The bakery in Travis was Gadonski's bakery

835 Fiorelli Pharmacy in the center of Great Kills (1934-1969) Had a soda fountain until 1954

836 Esquire Club 161 Clove Rd at Del. Ave. S. I., N. Y. GI 2-9625

837 The Godfather film was filmed at the Sherwood house at 204 Douglas Rd. with a back entrance to Longfellow. The wedding scene was set in the Sherwood's back and side courtyards, which were also adjacent to the Nortons' home featured in the film. The film where the baker pleads for justice was shown in the dining room, and Sonny's dreariness was on the second floor in Annie Sherwood's bedroom. The kitchen scene was the Sherwood kitchen, unchanged for the film. There was a working phone booth in the hallway under the stairs leading up. There was a scene where Michael and his wife Kate were sitting on a small stone bench. This bank found its way to Sherwood Farm in Yulan N.Y. via deliverance by the late Drew Danishewski, the late Peter Sherry, Mike Sherwood and myself, Anthony Rondinelli. We did it in a Volkswagen Beetle. The stone wall in the film was plastic. The Demyans got the contract when one of the film people asked Bobby Sherwood if he knew of a catering place that could accommodate a large group of film people. Bobby recommended Demyan's who we all knew and was friends with many family members. Mr. Demyan is in some background scenes in the film (Jack) during the wedding.

838 The natural spring with the coldest water in sight, opposite St. Simon's in The Clove;

839 Pete Bisso's Nursery School just south of Richmond Road in the Dongan Hills

840 Travis on Cannon Ave (had a real cannon)

841 Hay rides from Clove Lakes

842 Army/Navy Store in Stapleton

843 The idle hour bar

844 Tabors Bar

845 Benny's Soda Shop, Meiers Corners

846 The old Christopher House off Willowbrook Road should be cursed

847 Woolworth's for its famous Ice Cream Waffles sandwiches

848 Go to Woolworth's for a sundae and you can pop the balloon for the next free sundae

In 849 I lived across from Clove Lakes, where the so-called Indian Caves were. I heard some kids got lost there but actually it was an old 19th century iron ore mine and they were cordoned off.

850 summers of work at U.S. Gypsum and the Farmers Market

851 In 1964 he went to Staten Island Community College, which was located at 50 Bay Street. In my freshman semester, I took the 69th Street Ferry from Brooklyn

852 Summer at the Graham Beach Bungalow Colony

853 Mr. Munroe's Nursery at Sandy Ground, who was a descendant of the Maryland Oysterman

854 Opposite the Lane Theater was a theater showing Italian language films.

855 Another memory I have is of the Midland Beach Boardwalk, where some nights many movies were shown on an outdoor screen on the boardwalk.

856 I also remember how sad it was when they tore down the drive-in theater to make way for the big flea market and eventually the Staten Island Mall.

857 I remember the blackouts during the war and I remember the celebrations of its end. All the mothers and children on Grimsby Street, where I grew up, went out and made a lot of noise, banging pots and pans together.

858 I remember another Staten Island hospital that you didn't mention. It was somewhere at the end of the island as it was known for treating patients with communicable diseases. I got scarlet fever when I was about 5 or 6 years old. The doctor came to our home and ordered an ambulance to take me to this hospital. I spent 21 days there in isolation. The ward I was on was just for kids. We had beds separated by glass partitions that didn't go all the way to the ceiling and didn't completely enclose us as the glass only covered 3 sides of each of our small rooms. We were able to talk to each other, and against the nurse's wishes, we threw toys, books, etc. over the partition to the children on either side of us. My parents could visit me, but they had to wear masks, gowns and gloves.

859 I remember the 1947 blizzard you mention as my brother was almost 2 years old and we took him outside so we could take a picture in our front yard on Grimsby Street to show how bad it was snow was. It was much taller when he was tall. I seem to remember that snow lasted for months!

860 I also remember some hurricanes. A hurricane brought flooding. The army brought vehicles that could move both on water and on land and came up our street and took us to safety at St. Margaret Mary's Church on Lincoln Avenue as it was very high off the ground.

861 The cottages of Spanish Camp (near the beach) in Annandale

862 After World War II there was a car dealership on Hylan Blvd and New Dorp Lane where we could look at the new Tucker cars and place an order for future delivery.

863 I used to go to Semlers Park in Grant City on Sunday afternoons in the late 1930's where we would pour some beer while watching a baseball game. I remember meeting actress Ann Rutherford and a few others there one Sunday.

864 Travis on Cannon Ave (had a real cannon

865 The Ten Commandments on Rossville Avenue in Rossville

866 Joe's Candy Store on Arthur Kill and Winant

867 Woody's Junkyard.

868 Hanging out at the Bentley Yacht Club

869 We walked from the Perth Amboy Ferry along the beach to Lifesavers Beach or to the end of Page Avenue

870 During the winter months we hung out at Ernie's and the Corner Fountain Shop on Main and Amboy Roads

871 The swimming platform on the beach near Monte Loretto

872 I remember a cave on the left as you walk up Victory Blvd Hill after passing Clove Lakes Park. The story said it was an Indian cave.

873 Bowling at Sal's on Richmond Avenue

874 The old US Gypsum Mill on Richmond Terrace, with the track driven Murphy trucks

875 Carl's Soda Shop, right by Dongan Hills train station... the best and only egg custard I've ever had

876 Star Theatre 10-Cent-Filme

877 The North Shore SIRT line

878 Many silent films were shot on Staten Island, including THE PERILS OF PAULINE.

879 During the war years (World War II) I and my father searched for enemy aircraft from the "watchtower" on the Wagner College administration building. Occasionally we saw light from the fires of our merchant ships being torpedoed by the Germans. Watched huge convoys steaming out of the Narrows early in the morning

880 Tony's Barber Shop on Nelson Avenue

881 The Springstead Lumber Yard was on Amboy Road, roughly on the Great Kills/Eltingville city limits. In the 1930s it was the Springstead Coal Company, which later morphed into the Springstead Oil Company and then Lumber Yard

882 Our apartment building swayed when the LNG tank in Linden, NJ ruptured its top from accumulated gas seeping into the insulation. The blast blew out many of the storefront windows at Forest Avenue Shopping Plaza (Sears)

883 The Masonic Temple on Amboy Road, Great Kills. Bowling in the basement with small town flair with only 4 lanes and pinboys.

884 Flag Day Parade and Summer Music Series in Westerleigh Park

885 Stucker docken in Great Kills an

886 Stucker's Studebaker Dealership on Amboy Road, Eltingville, just off Springstead Lumber

887 Prestel Soda Fountain & Paper Store in der Richmond Road, Dongan Hills

888 clay tennis courts in Walker Park

889 yards on Richmond Terrace

890 There was a miniature golf course where the Hess Station is on New Dorp Lane

Bring 891 crabs along the bulkhead in Great Kills harbor and home bushels of blue crabs.

I grew up in the Todt Hill Apartments in 892. Our apartment building swayed when the LNG tank in Linden, NJ ruptured its top from accumulated gas seeping into the insulation. The blast blew out many of the storefront windows at Forest Avenue Shopping Plaza (Sears)

893 Galliger's Deli on Amboy Rd. Tottenville Across from Aquahonga Bar

894 Summertime, The Good Humor Man, Mr. Softie Ice Cream and the Whip! all for a dime.

895 Sinclair Gas Station, corner of Midland Avenue & Hylan Blvd (Duane Read is there now)

896 The little green Brooklyn ferry with the stove in the center to keep you warm

897 Trinken im Swiss Chalet in Great Kills

898 Winter in Staten Island when the NYPD closed Snake Hill and you could sled down the hill instead of the golf course.

899 Ship Ahoy gas station in Grant City

900 Phil's Candy Store on Broad Street, Stapleton. Occasionally they put on magic shows in the basement for us kids.

901 Valentine Pharmacy (established 1900) originally on Jersey Street and then moved to Forest Avenue

902 The Chrampanis Farm stand on Richmond Avenue featured a bunny in a pen. It was child's play

903 Favorites

904 Haus "O" Weenies (Hylan Blvd in Great Kills)

905 Joe the Butcher, on Broad St., near Gordon Street, Stapleton - He was a grand old Italian who used to carry a revolver in his back pocket. You'd see it when he turned to cut your cold cuts.

906 motorcycle races up Todt Hill Road (off Richmond Road) on Sunday mornings in the 1940s

907 Cookies Steak House von Garbers

908 Sonnys Lounge in Great Kills

909 Rick’s All American Bar in der Forest Avenue

910 Cohn's Babyland & Toyland on Castleton Avenue

911 Times Square Store on Castleton Avenue

912 Goodhue Center, which is why everyone who grew up in New Brighton knew each other

913 I grew up on South Beach projects, I was always looking forward to summers when Jimmy the good humor man came over. I'm talking from 1958 to 1962. He had a thing where you brought ice cream and saved the chopsticks, if you saved 10 chopsticks you got a toy, the more you saved the bigger the price

914 Looking out the window, Lemon Creek looks much the same as it did 40 years ago (minus the bridge at the end of Bayview Avenue). Much of the natural beauty we enjoyed as children is still here, and it makes living here on Staten Island livable.

915 Vanderbilt's tomb still had the original gates and was guarded by a man carrying a "salt" shotgun. (B&O guards also used them to patrol the RR tracks)

916 SIRT train fares varied by distance (I also remember the straw seats that fold back and forth).

917 Georges Hairstyling (New Dorp Lane und North Railroad Avenue) (New Dorp Plaza)

918 Wet Land at $5.00 per acre - Soon to be the largest landfill in the world

919 Nassau Melting

920 pheasant/rabbit hunt in the swamp along Seaside Blvd (now called Father Capadano Blvd)

921 Walk across the Bayonne Bridge (I watched the 200 year fireworks from there)

922 When the Verrazano Bridge was built, they declared on opening day that if the bridge paid for itself, they would eliminate the toll. 50 cent toll on opening and 75 toll about a month later, now a whopping $11.00

923 Die alte St. Stephanskirche in Tottenville (vor dem Brand)

924 Hoffman's Island had structures on it (and some of the biggest rats I've ever seen!)

925 Verrazano Narrows Bridge - Photographing the bridge during construction was prohibited in Fort Wadsworth

926 The Ritz Roller Rink (in Port Richmond)

927 Pinball Inferno (across from OTB on Forest Avenue)

928 All Night Newsstand (New Dorp Lane & Hylan)

929 Having Paul Zindel (famous author) as a teacher in the high school

930 I grew up in Midland Beach when the beach was crowded and swimming was fine in clear, clean water. A frozen Milky Way from the concession stand on the boardwalk while your feet burned in the sand. Pete DeVita's for school supplies and Christmas shopping with your pocket change, Cle's butterfly stitches and Miss Cini's 2 for 1 cent penny candy.

931 Temptee Freeze frozen sundaes for a nod

932 Goodies Hamburger.

933 LaRocca's Ices (on Lincoln Avenue - 1,000,000 flavors)

934 I remember seeing the Army tanks maneuvering in the streets around the armory on Manor Road

935 Our Westerleigh squad went into the armory for supervised (NRA) rifle practice...we could walk through the seven or eight blocks at night with our caseless .22 rifles without attracting attention!! Imagine something like this today.

936 We hunted in the woods above Meyer's Corners at the end of Gansvordt Blvd, where rabbits, quail and pheasants were plentiful, and the duck shooting in the wetlands by the vegetable farms was really good

937 On Richmond Ave, near the farms, there was a skeet shooting club. The men would let us kids pick up unbroken clay pigeons after they were done...they made wonderful BB gun/sling shot targets.

938 I remember the Bayonne ferry running aground frequently when the tide was right and they had a wave, but it never seemed to bother them.

939 One of my greatest days was meeting Bobby Thompson (famous NY Giants baseball player) at PRHS... he spent a lot of time on the island helping with high school baseball

940 I remember Joe's pony tracks (my uncle Joe Sarcone) on Richmond Ave near Forest Avenue. City kids rode the racecourses where my cousin and I took the ponies on Sunday mornings. Once around the track for a dime, three laps for a quarter. He also had a petting zoo, which must have been around the 1950s early 1960s.

941 Gabes Auto Body Shop of my father (Gabe Migliori) who built production cars and raced at Weissglass Stadium

942 Our grandmother "Rosie the Greek" was the founder of Johnick's Luncheonette on Saint Paul's Ave. Johnicks was named after their two sons, John and Nick "The Greek" Fillou. My father Nick ran this establishment for almost 40 years (Johnicks was first known as The Texas Wieners) and famous for their Chili Dogs.

943 For $5.00, our parents took us to the West Shore Stables for a horseback ride. The dirt road was what is now the West Shore Expressway.

944 On hot nights we sneaked into the 700s on Victory Blvd. and go swimming with a group of girls. The pool no longer exists.

945 Tompkinsville Pool...the smell of hot tar from the piers still reminds me of that pool to this day. And then go to Johnicks for a Chili Dog.

946 The Greek Farms on Richmond Avenue

947 The Shelter in St. George waits for Curtis H.S.'s bus after school.

Buy 948 soda cases at the Willowbrook Soda Store (glass bottles that had to be returned)

949 Ice Skating at Willowbrook Park

950 Pino's Pastry Shop on Post Avenue and Richmond Avenue

951 Trotters Car Club on Victory Blvd and Cannon Avenue

952 Lombardi's motorcycle and bicycle shop on Bay Street

953 Dew Dales Records - Port Richmond

954 Gasco Field, on Willow Avenue off Bay Street in Clifton, home of the East Shore Little League. The baseball season began each year with a parade from Labetti Post to the field. In the late 50's and early 60's. Advanced for its time, it had a sound system for a P.A. to announce lineups and an electric scoreboard for balls, strikes and outs.

955 In the 1950s there was a festival on Olympia Boulevard. next to the sand land. They had opera singers, music and food and all sorts of goodies.

(Video) Piecing Together Memories in Staten Island

956 I remember when the entire boardwalk in South Beach had dozens of rides, games, fortune tellers and food.

957 They also had a bandstand on the Boardwalk and I loved listening to music when I was a little girl.

958 Licastri's Bakery was just a block from my house on Piave Avenue, and every day as they baked their bread and rolls, the wonderful smell of bread baking came from the bakery. We bought the bread and ate it while it was still hot!


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