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Owning a horse is not as easy as it seems. Ask the riders, assuming you needed to move your horse from point A to point B, what would you need? That's right! A horse trailer. A horse trailer is a versatile portable horse container that not only gives you the freedom to move horses from one place to another, but also offers a lot of luxury.

The 5 best horse trailer brands

In order to know which ones are more suitable for you, it is essential to explore adiversityof the horse trailers available on the market.

Below are 5 of the best horse trailers currently available on the market along with their ratings;

1.Lakota horse trailer

America's best selling horse trailers belong to the Lakota brand of horse trailers. Undoubtedly they have dominated the trailer industry and the livestock hauling sector. Lakota trailers feature premium aluminum horse trailers and an exquisitely built interior. Additionally, the Lakota trailers are compact residential quarter horse trailers and offer the luxury and comfort of a 5-star hotel suite.

The trailer stock includes 6 variants, which differ from each other depending on the cabin size. The variants are as follows;

  • 11′ Bighorn Quarter Horse Trailer (2020)
  • 13′ Bighorn Quarter Horse Trailer (2016)
  • 15′ Bighorn Quarter Horse Trailer (2020)
  • 16′ Bighorn Quarter Horse Trailer (2020)
  • 17′ Bighorn Quarter Horse Trailer (2016)
  • 16′ Bighorn Quarter Horse Trailer (2021)

The other sister variant is the Lakota Charger Horse Trail with similar cabin size variations.


Talk about horse clearance, the cabin is well ventilated with aluminum windows. The wooden floor is supplied with an attachment in a custom-made variant. The usual variants consist of aluminum floors. However, the living room features an all-wood textured interior that includes the kitchen and living room.


The trailers come with a standard warranty of 8 years on the aluminum structure, 2 years on the interior and 1 year on the bumper fronts.


The only minor downside to Lakota horse trailers is their unpolished metal edges, which can create safety concerns.

2.shadow horse trailer

Next comes the Shadow Horse Trailers, which have 4 variants: Bumper Pulls, Goosenecks, Living Quarters, and Livestock Trailers. All of the above trailers can transport horses, and quite imaginatively so. Of all trailer brands, Shadow horse trailers have the most models; each uniquely built.

Equipped with all the usual features on the market, an aluminum body and a wide range, these horse trailers are specially designed to meet the needs of professional riders.

The Professional Living Quarter horse trailer from the Shadow series is the top version with an insulated horse area and roof vents.


As for the interior, there are carbon fiber polymer walls, swan neck vinyl floors, and insulated ceilings and walls.


The shadow horse trailers offer a 7 year warranty on the structure. The rest varies depending on the piece.


Apart from the expensive price, noplausibleDeficiency has been reported. Most horse owners prefer the Shadow Horse Trailer for its finish and cleanliness.

3.Sundowner Trailers Inc.

Almost 45 years ago, Sundowner Trailers designed and built horse trailers to meet the needs of professional riders and today they continue to update and provide their customers with the best features available on the market. speech about thehorse towing industry,Sundowners are the pioneer elite and whatever trend they launch, the other brands just follow them. Taking into account the comfort of horses and people, they design the living spaces in such a way that luxury is guaranteed. Whether you are transporting your horse or a whole team of racehorses, Sundowner Trailers is at your service.


The interior of the Sundowner Trailers offers nothing but grandeur, extravagance and style. With a customizable interior and an immense amount of space, this trailer brand is unsurpassed when it comes to luxurywithin.


TheSundowner trailers come with a guaranteeas follows;

Structurally - 8 years recreational, 1 year commercial

Electrical - 1 year

Sealants - 1 year


As the market dominant, Sundown Trailers Inc. is the most coined horse trailer brand and due to the large amounts of aluminum used, the trailer can be prone to brittleness and insulation is minimal.

4.4 star follower

As the name suggests, 4 star followers are certainly astarrybrand horse trailer. Quality, durability and luxury are promised in every model of its flagship trailers (especially Goosenecks and Bumper Pull). TheVollaluminumConstruction and lightweight carbon-polyethylene used as interior provides both safety and fuel efficiency.


The interior of this pendant speaks of class and elegance. The combination of fibers and mats used on floors, walls and roofsis simply incomparable. 4 Star pendants offer one of the smoothest and most elegant interior designs of any pendant.


The 4 Star Trailer brand offers an amazing 8 year lifespanWarranty period that is by far the longest of the rest of the trailer manufacturers.


4 Star Trailers is undoubtedly an excellent trailer brand. However, there are loopholes everywhere. Before purchasing the trailer, examine the floors thoroughly by removing the mat. The trailer brand uses slab floors that allow liquids (e.g. urine) to seep through and spread under the mats.

5.Bison Horse Trailer

As they claim, the Bison horse trailers are the only trailer manufacturers that have their living quarters built out of both steel and aluminum. While the aluminium-steel alloy adds weight and weighs on fuel economy, it also offers added protection, safety and a sturdier construction than any other trailer brand. That also explains why they are namedBison trailer.They have devotees ranging from the smallest bumpers to the largest living spaces. Also, all are customizable and can be changed according to the horse owner's requirements.

inside rooms


With a minimum guarantee of 2 years on material and structure, Bison trailers give the same guarantee period as the other manufacturers.


Due to additional steel frames in the aluminum base of the body, the trailer may consume a little more fuel than usual. However, there are steel-free variants, but in this case the price is likely to increase.

Best Horse Trailers: A Summary

So far we're pretty sure you have a pretty good ideaHowto spend his money sensibly on a horse trailer. You also now know the top horse trailer brands that are crafted out of sheer class and determination.

A good pendant has certain qualities to look out for and can look like this:

  • Manufactured from high quality aluminum with no added metal mix. This ensures a light structure, a better design, a powerful build and most importantly, it relieves your car engine and blows out less gas.
  • When purchasing a horse trailer, the safety factor must be considered. It is imperative that you thoroughly review the safety features and instructions in the user manual. Also look at the floors, walls and paneling for further evaluation.
  • Warranty should be properly assessed for youknowledgewhat you pay for
  • Depending on the number of horses you want to transport with the trailer, you should choose the size for it. Pendants generally range in size from 10 to 18 feet.

Frequently asked questions about the best horse trailer brands

Before closing this interesting discussion, let's take a look at some frequently asked questions.

What is the best horse trailer brand?

Lakota horse trailers are arguably the best horse trailers on the market right now. With a variety of horse trailers in several areas and all of this in top quality, Lakota horse trailers are leaving trailer brands like Sundowners and Featherlite behind. Lakota manufacturers supplyspecialistFollowers that are mostly titan habitations. These are aluminum with box corners to give them a gripnervoussee. The best thing about Lakota horse trailers is the interior space. It is highly modifiable depending on the customer's requirements and the level of quality and engineering employed for this purpose is unparalleled.

What are horse trailers?

Horse trailers, like the usual trailers, are used to transport horses safely and conveniently or to transport them from one place to another. There are different types and variants of horse trailers and they are made by numerous top brands. A horse trailer can be a;
– bumper cable
– Schwanenhals
– residential area
– Custom trailer
Depending on the size of the trailers, they can range from smaller bumpers to larger living quarters that can accommodate both horses and people under one roof.

What is the most expensive horse trailer?

The Cimarron Norstar 4HLQ Megatrailer is crowned the most expensive horse trailer of all. It's priced at a staggering $223,000, the price tag of a brand new sports car. The luxury, generous size and raw power of this trailer explains the high price.
The trailer is 47 feet long and has a unique "reverse" horse loading feature where the horses are loaded at the driver's end of the cab and their heads point toward the rear end. The trailer consumes 8000 lbs. Torsion sprung axle coupled with airbag mounts and shock absorbers.

Are 4 star followers good?

4 Star Trailers are among the best manufacturers of horse trailers. They are particularly specialized in the production of bumper handles and goosenecks. Most of these you find on the streets are of the 4 star brand. Their quality, durability and variety of customizable options make the 4 Star tags one of the best. They take your suggestion into account and build the exact trailer of your choice with features added or removed. Apart from that, 4 star pendants give a nice and elegant exterior made of 100% aluminum plates. The windows are positioned quite correctly for good ventilation. This is necessary for horses that may require longer transport journeys. Overall, 4 Star Bumper Pulls and Goosenecks are a supremacist in mini trailer space.

Who Makes Horse Trailers?

There is a wide range of trailers on the market and numerous manufacturers have specialized in the production of horse trailers. Some of the leading trailer brands that make horse trailers are:
– Featherlite pendant
– Manufacturer of Cimarron trailers
– 4 Star Followers, Inc.
– Logan Coach trailer
– Sundowner pendant
– Lakota
– Exiss trailer
– Trails West trailer
– Titanium pendant
– Merhow Pendant
– CM pendant

How good are Lakota horse trailers?

Lakota horse trailers are, as they claim, the best selling brand of horse trailers in America. They are particularly characterized by the production of living quarters and cattle quarters. Their flagship series is the Lakota Bighorn Living Quarter and the Lakota Charger and Colt series. What makes Lakota horse trailers the best in the business is their state of the art interior design and premium aluminum exterior with careful and precise craftsmanship. That being said, it's not just the quality that makes them top of the range, but also the level of luxury and comfort. The purchase of this horse trailer would certainly be worthwhile.

Are all-aluminum horse trailers safe?

Aluminum horse trailers have their pros and cons. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages; as fuel economy is the best thing about aluminum trailers due to their lightweight panels. On the negative side, in the event of an accident, an aluminum trailer would offer slightly less protection than the security offered by a steel cab. In addition, aluminum is rustproof, but corrodes easily from constant spillage of horse urine and manure. Overall, aluminum qualifies for thehorse trailer work.

Horse trailers: small, large and the biggest...

To end the long story briefly, we reiterate that horse trailers are undoubtedly a wonderful discovery for horse riders. Horse trailers have solved the problem of towing and transporting horses from point A to point B. Some of the best trailer manufacturers specialize in manufacturing horse and cattle trailers, the most well known of which are Lakota, Sundowners, 4 Star and Featherlite Trailers. If you have a horse or a team of horses and are looking for a good source of transportation to transport them, horse trailers are your best bet.

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